Why I Love Custom Envelopes

Kate asked:

As a marketer I love custom envelopes. In fact I simple adore seeing my marketing mails sent using our very own and specially made envelopes. There is just this great feeling of pride in making something that is truly unique and perfect for a good business venture. In this article, I would like to share with you why custom envelopes can be the best thing you can do for your mail marketing. Hopefully by the end, you will love custom envelopes as much as I do.

It is your own unique brand: The first thing I like about custom envelopes is that it is uniquely yours. No one can claim that that particular custom envelope is theirs. It is a distinct design that identifies it among the rest of the envelopes most people commonly see. This means that with the right reputation your custom envelopes can carry an authority and dignity of its own. It will never look like your usual junk mail. In fact, as people recognize its design as your own. They can readily accept and trust it without qualms to its authenticity unlike other marketing mails out there.

It speaks to customers instantly: Also what is good about custom envelopes is that it can speak to customers instantly. With a proper cover design to your color envelopes you can communicate the message of your marketing message very early on as people just receive your mail. Without even opening the custom envelope, customers may already realize what it is about. More importantly they can instantly be impressed and excited about the mail with the first glance. So it is crucial to design something that potential customers will find interest in when using custom envelopes.

It is very easy to print: In terms of production, custom envelopes can help you by being easy to print. You don’t even have to print everything yourself one by one. There are envelope printing services found online that you can employ to handle everything for you. You just need to send them your designs and you should have your envelopes delivered to you within a day or so. It is that easy so you won’t have to worry about anything whatsoever.

Chance for dynamic marketing: Finally, custom envelopes are a good way to be dynamic about your marketing. While your marketing letters use the same old sales pitch or marketing adage, your custom envelopes can be set to change every so often. You can keep printing new and more exciting designs of envelopes so that people can see something fresh each time. They won’t get bored with your marketing emails, and in fact they will probably always open your mails thinking that is something interesting. Boring and off the shelf envelopes can never have this effect on people.

So? Aren’t custom envelopes great? It really is something that you should do for your mail marketing. It will pay off big time in terms of impact and effectiveness of your marketing. So try it out!

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