Revitalize your Old Envelope Designs with New Cool Concepts

Kaitlyn Miller asked:

Are you envelopes for direct mail marketing getting a little old? Do you want to revitalize your designs when you print envelopes? Well, with the changing times, it is only normal that you will need to update your custom envelopes periodically. The market is fickle nowadays and you have to come up with innovative design after innovative design just to keep them interested on what you have to say. In this article, I will give your four great and cool concepts that can revitalize the designs of your marketing envelopes.

• Using that odd shimmering color – The first great idea I want to share with you are the new paper materials for envelopes. You may have not noticed yet but there are paper stocks out there that have less than common colors. Things like Magenta, Teal, Sand and other exotic colors can be used by some envelopes. They often have other effects built into them like soft texturing or glittering silver or gold flecks. Some fancy envelope printers can offer this kind of envelope printing at a cost. While expensive, it usually has a great finish that is really worth looking at and using for direct mail marketing.

• Embossing key details – Embossing is also a classic but little used idea for envelopes. It is possible for a logo or other design element to be embossed for an envelope design. This adds texture to an envelope, as well as shadow effects to that particular design element. While of course not all envelope printers can offer this service, those who do usually are an expert with embossing for many types of printed materials so you should not worry. The cost of it though may add a little extra to your envelope printing quotation.

• Exotic and unusual scents – Scented envelopes are also great for direct mail marketing. The sense of smell is rarely used in mailing campaigns and it really can be a memorable marketing strategy for your target market. You can use scents like lavender, jasmine for an exotic effect, or you can use unusual ones like vanilla, chocolate or even coffee. You will of course have to have the envelope especially printed with those scents but the effect is quite worth the effort.

• The mystery envelope – Finally, one of the more interesting ideas to appear in envelope printing is the mystery envelope. This basically uses an almost blank envelope with a base color such as black or brown. Only a single design element is added to the envelope design along with the name of the receiver. This adds some mystery to the mail, forcing most people to open it immediately. When that happens, your direct mail marketing goals should be deemed a success.

So? Are those not great and interesting ideas? Try them in your own custom envelopes if possible. You never know how powerful those ideas are until you try it.

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