7 Great Techniques in Creating Effective Custom Envelopes For Marketing

Kate asked:

tom envelopes is one of the great ideas that can improve your direct mail marketing. However, you cannot just invest in envelope printing without knowing a thing or two about effectively designing them. There are many things that you can customize in envelope printing and each can have a big role in increasing your custom envelope’s impact and effectiveness. So for all of you direct mail marketers out there, here are the seven great techniques in creating effective custom envelopes for marketing.

1. Minimize those loud marketing designs – The first and perhaps most pivotal technique that you should adopt is to minimize the loud marketing concepts and designs. In the years since people used direct mail marketing as a standard campaign for promotions, many people are already branding all mails withenvelope printing as loud and useless junk mail. This hampers the effectiveness of your direct mail marketing as many people just throw away loud marketing envelopes without a care to its contents. To prevent this from happening to you, it is best to minimize the loud style designs and focus on simpler but impressive custom envelopes.

2. Use designs that project authority and respect – And speaking of the design itself, the best way to do it is to create a layout that projects your authority and respect. This means using a design that is simple, almost like a business mailing envelope. You can of course have an intricate and artistic “sender” entry with your official business logo. Subtle accents can be present throughout the custom envelopes, but not anything that is too loud. Keep things clean, official and respectful and people will be encouraged more to open your marketing mail.

3. Use standard sized envelopes – Also it is best to use standard sizes for your envelopes. You won’t get far with using a custom dimension with custom flaps and folds. This only serves to increase your custom envelope’s cost and it limits your choices in distribution especially if the postal service rejects your custom envelope dimensions.

4. Spend on good envelope materials – It is also important to spend a little bit on good envelope materials. Using great smooth paper, or textured envelope paper is great at adding some distinction to your custom envelope. Glossy finishes for the paper and ink are also great in impressing people without getting too loud with the design.

5. Print color designs – Of course, never think about printing in black and white. Always print your custom envelopes in color so that you logo and text can be displayed with their full glory. This should impress more people and it can also add a more personal and emotional aspect to the custom envelope design.

6. Emphasize your logo – Do not forget to always emphasize your logo. You can do this of course by using color logos, printed with expensive and shimmering inks. Also if your envelope printer can do it, you can emboss some aspects of the logo to make it look more impressive. This can have a subtle effect, but in conjunction with other features, people can be more attracted to reading more of what is inside the envelope.

7. Provide a reply envelope – Finally, for direct mail marketing it is vitally important to include a similar reply envelope. Reply envelopes make it easier for you and for your customers to reply back with an order or question in your mail easily. This increases the chances of getting replies from customers, hopefully getting more sales and responses to your campaign.

Those are the 7 great techniques for creating effective custom envelopes for marketing. Use these techniques well and you will get maximum impact with your custom envelopes and success with your direct mail marketing.

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