Affordable Envelope and Hand Enclosing Services

Anirban Bhattacharya asked:

It is important for businesses to secure affordable envelope and hand enclosing services within their fulfilment operations. Many companies automate the process wherever possible to achieve such cost efficiencies. It is understood that such an approach can be four, sometimes five times cheaper than hand enclosing.

Most envelope enclosing machines have several feeding stations or a ‘hopper’ which is arranged in order beside a conveyor belt. By defining the enclosing sequence, each hopper is dedicated to feeding one specific mailing item only. During this procedure, mailing items are collated in sequence before being simultaneously enclosed into an envelope. This happens at very high speed – some machines are capable of enclosing and sealing 13,000 envelopes per hour therefore it comes as no surprise that significant cost savings as aforementioned can be made.

However, there will be situations whereby the size, weight or shape of the mailing items or envelope can not be machine enclosed and therefore need to be manually inserted. Many organisations will also request items to be cross-matched and hand matching is often the only solution available. Or, it could be a simple direct mail piece of low volume which would result in hand enclosing being more suitable. Regardless of what is required, your customer management company should be able to offer a full suite of services.

Hand enclosing can encompass the following: polybagging – inserting folders and wallets, collating and inserting into ring binders, hand folding or machine folding, affixing labels and packing of promotional items.

What may seem an easy task at first can actually turn out to be far more complex a situation. When enclosing material by hand, the accurate folding of paper work, sometimes to tolerances of 1 mm and achieving such targets regularly can be extremely demanding for the packer. Some organisations will expect to see 50 sets of literature being packed and sealed every hour, with 100% accuracy. Hand enclosing does however, allow for more complex folds and more literature to be inserted which may not often be possible with machine enclosing.

When conducting work of this nature it is vital that regular quality checks are carried out to guarantee high levels of accuracy. Every packer conducting hand enclosing jobs should have their work checked by someone within the quality control division.

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