Tips for Choosing Quality Brochure Templates

Steve Michael asked:

Brochures are one of the time-tested marketing materials that can win customers at every stage of the sales cycle. There are different kinds of brochures such as tri fold brochures, flyers, postcards, etc. However, brochures should be handled with care because the impact of brochures could both be positive and negative depending on the quality of design, content, and timing. Although brochure templates have greatly reduced the amount of energy and money involved in designing brochures, you have to be cautious while selecting the brochure template for your business purposes.

Brochures are like double edged swords. If handled cleverly, they can be the best marketing tools to achieve desired targets. Well, there are many websites in the internet that offer brochure templates. How do you know they are of good quality? This article will provide you with a touchstone to judge the quality of brochure template you find in the internet.

Whenever you decide to purchase brochure templates online, first go through as many number of brochures displayed in the website. Then three important things you have to look for as you flip pages are as follows: originality & creativity, quality of the products, and cost-effectiveness. If you are able to find the above criteria in the website then you can look for your choice. Once you locate a brochure template suitable for your purposes, you need to check for the following: overall design, graphics, photos or illustrations, color scheme, and formats in which

the templates are available.

Overall design:

One thing to look for in overall design is the arrangement of various elements in the brochure template. Although symmetrical arrangements are considered to be the most attractive ones, different types can fit various purposes.


The quality of graphics can be judged by the perfection of the object, and the work done. For example graphics with curves and complex shapes require a lot of skill than straight line diagrams. But the most important thing is how it could attract attention of the on looker.

Photos and Illustrations:

Images in the brochure templates should have 150dpi or more in order to retain the quality while printing the brochures. For photos higher the pixels better the quality will be. In case of illustrations you can judge the quality just by viewing it. A pleasing image will certainly draw attention.

Color Scheme:

A brochure designer should have a good color sense. As you know colors are symbols that talk, choosing brochures with right colors will have a great impact on the decision making power of your clients. Check if the color psychology is wisely applied in the brochure template.


The template you have chosen should be available in different formats so that you can use it without additional expense of purchasing special software to edit the template. Look for the following formats .psd, .cdr, .pmd, .ai, .pdf, and .eps.

Quality Customer Service:

Even if the template qualifies all the above criteria; the most vital part is the customer service. Look for reviews from former or existing customers. As there can be downloading or editing problems in most web-based products, check if there is a 24/7 support in case you need help.


As for as brochure templates are concerned most template providers do not provide printing services. Look if you have a quality printing press near you or else ask if the template provider can suggest a brochure printing press near you. Care should be taken that the printer uses good quality paper and ink to produce brochures without much deviation from the quality you see in your computer screen.

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