Bridesmaid Gifts – Choose From Plan Canada’s Gifts Of Hope Catalogue

Toan Dinh asked:

Your closest friends have been with you through it all. From lamenting your first pimple and advising how to cover it up, to helping you pick up the pieces of your first broken heart, to celebrating your first “real” job with dinner and advice on what to wear on your first day.

Now they’re going to be with you on one

of the most significant days of your life. They’re going to be your bridesmaids — the women who will do everything in their power to make sure your wedding day is everything you want it to be.

And you want to thank them with a bridesmaid gift that shows them how much they mean to you. You want a bridesmaid gift that is personal and thoughtful, a bridesmaid gift that carries weight and speak of your shared history, a bridesmaid gift that is anything but trivial or temporary.

Plan Canada’s Gifts of Hope fit the bill. They are gifts that bring impact and effect change in the lives of many.

How about giving a mango tree for a bridesmaid gift? Twelve dollars buys one mango tree, $100 buys 10. Planted in schoolyards in countries like Rwanda and cared for by students, these saplings produce not only fruit, but also teach agricultural skills and provide much-needed vitamins to growing children. And to encourage their parents to send them to school, female students take an extra helping of the fruit home with them.

Perhaps your bridesmaid gift could be a Berkeley-Darfur stove ($55). Women in our part of the world don’t have to walk miles to find firewood for cooking supper. But the women of Sudan do — it’s a search that brings them miles from the safety of their refugee camps, leaving them vulnerable to being attacked. The gift of one of these fuel-efficient stoves means the women of Sudan can refocus their energy on earning an income and building better lives for their children.

And there are so many more gifts: rabbits, goats, rickshaws, clean water, scholarships for girls — a catalogue full of unique and unusual gifts that will help bring change to the lives of countless numbers of children. This is how you can honour your bridesmaids: with bridesmaid gifts that will change lives.

When you purchase a Gift of Hope you’ll receive a card to notify the person you’re giving the gift to just how you’ve honoured them. Give them the card along with a note to tell them why you purchased this gift for them: because they mean so much to you and you wanted to give them a gift that carried the same kind of meaning.

Buy a Gift of Hope on behalf of your bridesmaids. Buy a bridesmaid gift that speaks volumes about your relationship with your bridesmaids. Buy a bridesmaid gift that will not soon be forgotten. Buy a bridesmaid gift with a lasting legacy — one as lasting as your friendship.

Visit Plancanada to browse through the Gifts of Hope catalogue and buy a gift today.

  1. You purchase a Gift of Hope on behalf of your bridesmaids. Buy a bridesmaid gift that speaks volumes about your relationship with your bridesmaids. Thanks for this post.

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