Brochure Printing Services: The Stages of Producing Effective Brochures

Kat Nocom asked:

People are aware of the many uses of brochures in different industries. However, they are unaware of the processes and printing services involved in creating print brochures. All they know is that they just have to order prints, indicate specifications and pay for the service delivered. But brochure printing involves a process and stages required to produce quality prints.

Here are the three brochure printing services / stages that will help clients to create effective marketing tools:


Prepress services help clients with their brochure printing designs. Customers can just upload their digital files online and rest assured that all their images and graphics will stay crisp and sharp. This is possible with the help of brochure printing experts that will guide and assists the clients in creating their own brochure designs. It is the responsibility of the professional designers to make sure that the images are in the right resolution and in the correct color space.


Proofing services are also included in the brochure printing process. Design experts will give the clients an electronic .PDF proof of their file without any charges. Furthermore, clients will not have the obligation to commit to an order once they are not satisfied with the PDF proof. They can easily enter their specifications and upload their file on the preferred online printing company’s website. Through that, customers can instantly have a print-ready file of their brochure design ready for evaluation. This can help customers to decide on starting a brochure printing project. Another thing is that the customers can seek help from the online design experts regarding the design of their brochures.


Brochures can be printed using digital or offset printing process to assure the best quality of the printed outputs at an affordable price. Offset printing allows brochures to be printed in bulk while digital printing allows short run prints. After the printing process, customers can ask for a delivery service. Several brochure printing companies offer free ground shipping for orders.

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