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Scott Mckenzie asked:

Brochure printing can often make up a large portion of any marketing campaign’s total expense. Finding affordable brochure printing and other printing is easier than most think. was formed to educate and inform the public with timely articles, design tips and frequently asked questions.

“Having a quality brochure makes a positive impression on a potential customer. It gives the appearance that you’re serious about your business.” says Scott McKenzie spokesperson for “Brochures range from a simple two-fold design using one sheet of 8-1/2 inch x 11 inch paper to an elaborate 9 x 12 inch pocket folder with 8 pages stitched in and insert sheets. Good brochure design involves not simply producing a flashy design, but a careful analysis of your target market, what level of sophistication is needed and consideration of your market niche in order to make a great first impression. And, last but certainly not least, your brochure should leave a potential client with something he or she is hesitant to throw away”

Brochures are typically printed in more than one color. Research shows that people respond more positively and remember longer full color promotional brochures. Picking the right paper can also have a significant effect on the impact of the brochure. Most people choose a heavier weight, coated paper to achieve a more vibrant upscale look and feel. With the amount of brochure printing companies online, there is plenty of comparison to perform. Learn more http://brochure-print also features an extensive collection of resources and articles for the print industry. Current articles cover such topics as money saving tips, paper selection tips and suggested brochure printers. is a great resource for anyone involved with printing. The site presents a wealth of information all in one location so the public does not have to go searching around for isolated printing tips and solutions. “We are constantly adding printing related content to our site with the goal of offering people a valuable and increasingly important and comprehensive online resource,” says McKenzie.

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