Make Stunning Travel Brochures

Kaitlyn Miller asked:

With the end of summer in our midst, why not consider doing an end-of-summer project with your kids to remember what happened in the last months. If you and your children were able to visit a place or have gone somewhere to enjoy your summer vacation, a stunning travel brochure would be the perfect project to remind them of a wonderful time. Your travel brochure would also be a great souvenir which they can share with their friends.

It’s easy to create your very own travel brochure printing project. It would only take about an hour to complete the project. All you

need is an assortment of your travel brochures that you have kept from your vacation, several information about the place you went to (this you can get either from magazines and books, or you can go online), paper and other art supplies for your design and layout, and a sample template for your travel brochure printing project.

To start with, have a sharing session with your children for your family’s travel stories. You can discuss where you’ve gone to, the places you’ve been to during your summer vacation, each of your children’s favorite places and moments in your travel, the best place to eat, the most fun activity, etc.

The next step is to learn about how to make your very own travel brochure printing project by looking at the travel brochures you’ve collected. There are also very good travel websites that you can browse with your family to have a sample of what your travel brochure printing project would look like. Most sites even offer pictures, maps, and descriptions on different places, and even city guides and more.

Step 3, ask your children what other information do you need to create your own travel brochure printing project. Point out that you have to make your travel brochure printing project useful to others who would be planning to travel in the future. These are a few of the questions to help them organize your travel brochure printing information:

– Who is your target audience?

– What is the purpose of your travel brochure printing project? Is it going to be a souvenir? Or a travel guide for others who plan to travel later on?

– What other elements and features do you think your travel brochure printing project should have to make it more useful to others? Do you need a map in your travel brochure? Or a diagram for how-to’s? Or do you need many pictures so it would come out as a picture travel brochure?

Step 4, create your very own travel

brochure printing project. Include elements like illustrations, photos, clear and organized brochure printing copy, and emphasize a focal point in your travel brochure.

Step 5, check the format and layout of your travel brochure printing project. Make sure your sentence structure is correct and that your language can be easily understood. Check on the pictures and photos. Always remember to point out to your children to use the pictures to emphasize an idea, and not to clutter the travel brochure.

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