The Basics of Brochure Design – Revisited

Colleen Davis asked:

The key to having a successful brochure printing campaign is to make it simple and as always, stick to the basics. Here again are the basic ideas you need to know to help you create a more compelling brochure printing project that would make your target readers want to call you.

1 – Know what’s out there. In order for you to come up with great and effective brochure printing designs, you need to go out and collect samples from around you. Study the brochures you’ve collected. Pick the ones that for a long time have captured your imagination, as well as those in your community. Identify what makes these print brochures stand out.

2 – Who are your target readers? Choose a target group that would help you focus your brochure printing project. Who are your target readers? How do you want to reach them? How do you want your brochure printing project to convey your message to them? Do you want your brochure printing voice to be professional or casual? Do you want something with humor?

However you want your brochure printing company to speak to your target readers, always make sure that you keep everything simple to avoid your message being buried from the rest of your elements.

3 – Keep it simple. The old adage still holds true – less is more. List all you want to include in your brochure printing project. Then arrange them in order of importance and erase those that are unnecessary.

With your elements, always keep your message in mind and do away with those elements that are not important to avoid messing up your brochure printing design. Always ask yourself whether what you put in emphasizes your brochure printing message or they just make your target readers more confused.

4 – Use negative space. Organize and provide unity in your brochure printing elements by using negative space between your contents and your brochure printing page. Adjust your space to highlight specific information or details. Your negative space can further emphasize your message.

5 – Use color. Color can be applied either as ink or the shade of your paper stock itself.

6 – Choose your paper carefully. It’s not always the design that would make your brochure printing piece effective. Generally, the choice of paper stock can also add to the attractiveness of your brochure printing project. Ask your brochure printer for options. They usually have a ready supply of paper stock from which you could choose from.

7 – PROOFREAD! Nothing could irritate your target readers more than a brochure printing copy that has errors and is grammatically incorrect. It makes you look unprofessional and at the same time, makes your target readers wonder whether you read your own brochure printing pieces.

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