Brochure Printing Services and Design Ideas for Better Feedback

Abejuela Jennifer asked:

Surely, you know the goals you want to achieve upon embarking on your brochure printing. You might even have an idea on which brochure printing services to acquire. But more than these things, you would want a brochure that would gather the best possible responses.

Garnering positive and immediate brochure feedback can depend upon a lot of things. But why not trim down that long list of unpredictable, influential factors by making sure of one thing – how you shape the content and design of your brochures.

Brochure Design and Content Ideas

While designing your brochures may not be as easy at it sounds, these practical ideas can very well give you the insights you need whether you are making brochures for the first time or not. You can make brochures that effective and that are read more by simply observing these ideas.


Make your brochures more engaging by making it reader friendly. Here are some tips:

1. Observe the size of your fonts. Make sure these are legible enough. And even if you want smaller sized fonts, you would still have to ask your printer if they can print your text clearly.

2. Simple font styles are easier read and are less busy to look at. To this, minimize the assortment of font styles you use between 1 or 2, at most 3.

3. Do not pepper your work with too much bold fonts or italics. This slows down reading.

4. Also, on the same note, do note use ALL CAPS too much. While this effect makes your text stand out, it doesn’t quite gather much positive response as you would hope, except for headlines.

5. Increase the spaces between your text. The lines between them or the white space makes reading your text more attractive. It helps the reader center in on what you are trying to say and not lost within a sea of words.

6. Always observe brevity and conciseness. Do not use long sentences that may make your readers confused.


1. Always use four-color process printing for your brochures. This makes them more captivating. Images are showered with more details and colors, making your products more attractive in the process.

2. Four-color process printing helps your brochures stand our more from the background. At the same time, you can set the theme of your brochures using accurate colors. You can make your brochures formal and corporate to light and whimsical.

3. Always make use of high-resolution images for your brochures. A poor and blurry picture wouldn’t impress anyone. A little mistake such as this can ruin your brochures as the most obvious things can put off all your efforts.

4. Make headlines prominent. This can be achieved by choosing a high-contrast color for your headline against the background color. But remember, high-contrast color need not necessary bright or light colors.

5. Do not forget the bleeds for your brochures. Extend the colors and images you used, so that when your brochures are cut to size, there aren’t any unsightly white lines bordering your brochures.

And remember, first and foremost, to communicate effectively using your brochures and using these design and content ideas. For all else, you wouldn’t be getting the response you want and you need.

Choose a brochure printing services who can capably execute your brochure designs in a quick, efficient and affordable fashion. Remember, smart brochure printing involves a smart printing company too.

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