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Every business owner knows that a brochure printing project is one of the most effective marketing tools in promoting one’s business to target clients. Because a brochure printing project contains many pages, it is a very effective marketing tool especially if you’re a business owner that has so many products and services on your business list.

To better understand brochures, and to help you create the most appropriate brochure printing project for your business, here is a reiteration of the types of brochures found out there:

The Leave-Behinds

This type of brochure printing project is so named because you actually leave them behind after every meeting or a discussion with a potential client. The Leave-Behinds help your potential clients to know more about your products and services because it contains a complete description of all your products and services, plus their benefits.

One advice though – your sales pitch in your brochure printing piece should just be a reaffirmation of what you have already discussed with your potential clients. This would further emphasize, as well as help in keeping your words in their awareness, long enough to get them to decide to buy from you.


This type of brochures is often given to qualified buyers. It is well understood that when a client calls you to ask for more information about a product or a service, he or she is definitely interested and would most likely want to purchase from you.

Since your potential buyer has already made the first step, it’s now up to you to reinforce that want and introduce your potential buyer to the buying process. Emphasize the need for your potential client to buy your product or avail of a service, more than enough to convince that he or she cannot live without your product or service.


These are the brochures you often see in racks, conveniently put there for you to read and enjoy, located inside banks, at the register in supermarkets, etc. The purpose of this brochure printing piece is to get you to realize that you actually need a certain product or service, which you would not otherwise consider if you haven’t read about it in the brochure.

The attracting factor about this kind of brochure printing piece is the catchy headline that makes your target readers interested and want to pick it up and read more of what you have to say.

Direct Mail Brochures

This type of brochure printing piece acts like a sales letter which you will include with your direct mail package, hence the name. Include photos of your products, your sales pitch, and the technical features to emphasize your business.

Sales Support Brochures

As the name implies, this type of brochure printing piece is made to support what you have said in your sales pitch. This is similar to the leave-behinds, but this time, it’s used as a selling aid. In fact, your sales support brochure printing pieces are guides for your sales agents during presentations and reports. They have much larger pages, photos, and headlines for the potential clients to understand more clearly what is being discussed.

Now that you have an idea of what brochures are available for your business, choose the one the fits your needs and requirements. Your decision would help you provide a better brochure printing piece to your target readers, and would therefore increase your chances of getting a sale for your business.

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