Custom Brochure Printing: a Combination of Great Print Ideas

Joel Owens asked:

Custom brochure printing is an exciting way to promote your company in the manner you know how. Building brochures with your own vision is the opportunity you create for yourself. This allows you to communicate the ideas you want and how you want to appear to your clients or readers.

Having this ability or service makes it easier for you to shape the message you want – all consistent with your goals, promotions, and brand or business image. In order to maximize your brochures, you must consider all possibilities. Study the options you have by taking notes of all the brochure printing services there are, brochure parts and elements, and of course, the design itself.

A great combination of all these mentioned things would allow you to create original and refreshing brochures. Pattern it too after your won campaigns and create a consistent look.

Brochure Design – Ideas and Combination

Build your brochures using these ideas. Apply them along the way or integrate them with your own specific agendas in mind.

1. Folding

o Know how each folding option works, no matter how trivial this may seem. The folds are not mere folds that will make your brochures more compact. Folding options affects both the presentation of your brochures and the reading flow of your clients or recipients.

o The folding helps keep the flow of your message so your brochures reveal your ideas in the order you want them to be. Other than this, folding makes your brochures more practical and easy to read in a fashion or manner your clients are accustomed to.

o You can fully utilize the front cover to grab the attention of your readers and motivate them to read further. The back cover panel can hold other information that your readers may be able to use.

o Use brochures too as maps and fold them in an accordion-like fashion for easy viewing and navigation. Other than this, there are still a lot of other bright ideas that you apply to the folding of your brochures.

2. Assess the right size for your brochure

Manage the range and depth of your discussions in your brochures. Plan ahead and know just exactly what to say and what to include. Do not choose a size that is overly big and then later on, you try to fill it up with all sort of details.

Everything that you put into your brochure should all be connected to one another or one common goal. Know the length of your messages and which or how much of your designs and images should occupy the space.

3. Space

Space is an all too important element to be wasted. Again, this does not mean that you should fill up your spaces and cram them with useless details. Respect the idea of space and give your readers some breathing room.

Space should function to define you messages and highlight the contents of your brochures. Space must be used wisely so there’s enough room to let your readers’ eyes wander through the whole brochure and take in all there is on it.

Remember these tips on your custom brochure printing. Do not take these details for granted as these same elements can make for a perfect brochure.

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