The Perks of Brochure Printing

Lynne Saarte asked:

Business brochures are a great marketing tool – they can appeal to both readers and skimmers; they’re portable; and they’re generally colorful, which keeps people’s attention. They’re also cost-effective when compared to other advertising techniques such as billboards and television commercials.

Here are some more-detailed advantages of brochure printing:

Portability. You can pass out your business brochures anywhere – on the street, in your business office, in other business offices, you can hang them on bulletin boards – basically anywhere you think people will see them! And, people can take the brochures with them and read them at their leisure.

They can be cheap. You can definitely find some cheap brochure printing options out there – you just have to do some research. A popular option these days is to use a brochure printing company that does business online only. Also, the higher quantity you want printed, the lower the cost no matter whether you go with an online printer or a traditional printer.

They can be specific. Brochures are also cost-effective in that you can convey more detailed information with them than you can in a short 30-second commercial. Cheap brochure printing can be more effective than an expensive television ad because you have more time to tell your complete story.

You can use headlines to get your benefits across to the skimmers, but you can also include more information about your business or product for the people who want to read more information.

Flexibility. Brochures give you the flexibility to communicate with people through words and graphics rather than through one or the other. This way you get through to a lot more people – some people communicate by visual stimulation, others by words. With brochures you reach both types of people.

They have different uses. This also ties into flexibility, but in a different way: you can use brochures for many different functions. You can use them to send out information about a certain product, you can use them as an introduction to your company or you can use them as follow up material or however you want.

You can get them out quickly. You can hire a graphic designer to design your brochures for you, or you can hire a brochure printing company to design them for you. Most printing companies have a graphic designer on hand to help you design a template that you can use later, which will also save you time down the road when you want to print another batch.

Whether you design your brochure or the printing company does it, the brochures can be printed quickly. Most printing companies run their presses all day, every day, so you have a good chance of getting your brochures printed within a couple of weeks if not within a couple of days.

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