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Janice Jenkins asked:

Of all the marketing tools that a business uses, brochures are among the most effective. They allow the business owner to get specific information into the hands of many target customers.

However, as in most areas of life, there is always room for improvement. You should constantly monitor the success of your brochure printing projects, and constantly search for ways to improve. Incorporate a method of determining how a customer has heard of you. In other words, when a customer buys from you, find out if they were driven to your business by your brochures or by some other means. That will tell you how effective your brochures have been.

Here are some additional tips to help you constantly improve you brochure campaigns:

Always Strive for Improvement

It is always good to have goals. In business, it is absolutely essential. Whenever you design a new brochure printing project, your goal should be to improve upon your last effort. If you have determined (through your monitoring system) that your last brochure generated a response rate of 5%, then aim for 10% on your next ones. Or, if you have determined that 500 customers were driven to your store by your last brochure, set a goal of 750 for your next brochures. Set a specific goal for your business.

Try Different Versions

If possible, produce several different types of brochures and monitor the success rate of each. Keep track of which brochures were most effective, and incorporate the aspects of the winning brochure in all of your future efforts.

If you cannot afford to produce more than one type of brochure, do not worry. Each time you print brochures, you are producing a different type. As you monitor the success (of failure) of each brochure printing project, you will find out what methods work and what methods do not work. Make sure to constantly record these results and incorporate all of the effective methods into your future advertising campaigns.

Follow Up

As we have mentioned, you have to have a system in place to monitor how effective your brochures are. In addition, you should ask your customers if they like your brochures or not. When a customer comes in and says that it was your brochure that led them to you, ask them what aspects of your brochure were most effective for them.

Be a Copy-Cat

Take a look at what other companies are doing with their brochures. This includes your competitors; do not be afraid to look at your competitors’ brochures. I am not saying that you should blatantly copy anything that they are doing. Obviously, that would be a violation of copyright laws. But try to determine what aspects of their brochures are working, and incorporate those methods into your own efforts.

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