6 Topics to Think Over Before Brochure Printing

Lynne Saarte asked:

When it comes to brochure printing, there is a lot to consider before you place your order. Here are some topics to think about before you start the brochure printing process.

1. Size

You need to decide on the size of your brochure – both page-wise and physical size-wise. The number of pages will impact how you write your brochure because less pages equals less content. You will need to really focus your brochure’s message for a smaller brochure. The physical size will affect your layout and therefore your room for text and graphics.

2. Paper choice

Try to choose a paper that is not so thin that it lets the ink seep from the front of the paper to the back, creating see-through panels. You also need to make sure your paper is not too thick so that it folds nicely and stays folded in the brochure rack. The ideal brochure paper has a “vertical grain” and is at least 70-lb. coated paper stock.

3. Brochure quantity

You need to discuss pricing for how many brochures you need to print. Ask your printer about the minimum number of pieces that need to be printed to take advantage of a web-fed press. Items printed on a web-fed press cost less than a sheet-fed press because it is less time-consuming and large sheets of paper (webs of paper) cost less to produce than individual sheets of paper. Do not be surprised if your printer quotes a number of 50,000 or more pieces.

4. Know how to fold ‘em

You have three main folding options: bi-fold (two folds equaling four panels), tri-fold (three folds equaling six panels) or a z-fold, which is similar to a tri-fold in that it has six panels. The way you fold your brochure will dictate the order your information is presented.

5. Combining print runs

If you can, try to design two brochures that will be printed at the same time. This way you can get a bulk discount for printing both brochures at once. They will also have the same color quality, which will make their look and feel that much closer. If you do not have any other brochures you would like to print, ask other area businesses if they are planning on doing any brochure printing soon and both of you might be able to get your brochures printed on the same run, saving you both money. Check with your printer first, though, to make sure you will qualify for a bulk discount.

6. Shipping internationally?

If you are mailing your brochures to international customers, you need to make sure you have “PRINTED IN USA” somewhere on your brochure along with the date. You probably will not mail brochures internationally too often, so using the date (month and year are sufficient) will help you when dealing with international orders.

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