Tips for Distribution: Brochures

Janice Jenkins asked:

How you get your marketing material to your customers can impact the final out come of the sale almost as much as the material itself. Part of this is the fact that the way you hand out your material can have an impact on what the marketing material is like, and the environment that the person sees the material in.

Brochures are rather unique in that they do not have a very clear way of getting them to people. Part of this is caused by the fact that brochures can cover multiple different purposes, and each one might change what you do with your brochure.

Consider a company who gets brochure printing done in order to give people more information on an expensive item. Say they sell large TVs and they want people to be informed before making a purchase. Because of that they design some color brochures that tell people about what the TVs have to offer and other important information.

A good way of getting these types of brochures to your customers would be to have a holder set up by the TVs so that they can take a brochure at their own leisure when they are there. Just having that kind of information right at their disposal when they are making an important decision can do a lot to help improve their view of a store.

Maybe instead you want to get color brochures that describe your company and you plan on going to various tradeshows. Now you might have a holder at your stand for people to take them, but also have some brochures on hand so that you can give them to people directly.

A little thing to consider with this is how the brochures look as well. You do not want your brochures to be bent or crumpled at all. This can lower a person’s opinion of them, and trust me, if you are not careful your brochures can get crumpled rather easy. This has always seemed like a rather annoying way to lower the benefits of brochure printing.

Brochures can be sent through the mail as well, though for this you will want to be a little more certain of a person’s interest before sending anything. After all, given the higher price tag with brochures you will not be able to cheaply send out a lot of them to different people.

Many of these means of distribution can greatly change the way a persons thinks about the brochure when they finally get it. Be aware of what your brochure is about and what type of distribution will best suit that particular topic.

The fact that it is not as obvious how you get brochures to your customers leads many companies to choose methods that do not work best for their particular brochures. With a little thought and research this should not happen to you.

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