The Role of Brochures in Current Marketing

Kaitlyn Miller asked:

Let’s face it. Not all marketing collaterals are created equal. Brochure printing for one comes in all forms, shapes and sizes. There are those that hard-sell every step of the way. And there are others used mainly for promotional purposes. Still some are developed to promote and “soft-sell”, sometimes as stand alone collaterals or part of a much larger marketing campaign.

Among the many marketing strategies available, many business owners are keen on using brochure printing as their collaterals. In fact, there’s none that I know of that can say they don’t have trifold brochures, or any type of full color brochure for that matter, in their arsenal. It’s just that common – print brochures are a regular sight when it comes to marketing one’s business.

Maybe it’s in the package or the capacity of its content even. But it’s a known fact that brochure printing, particularly trifold brochures, is very much accepted both by the users and readers alike; more than any other marketing material. And why is that? Because compared to other collaterals, brochures serve their purpose – to market and promote your products and services, without having to force your target readers to your offer. Print brochures are convincing, but not overwhelming.

As collaterals, brochures serve as many purposes as you can imagine giving to your print ads. They may be used to introduce new products and services. Or they can highlight a company’s bestseller, as well as showcase a less popular item. And they can definitely be used to focus on your specific target for a more customized and personalized campaign.

Brochure printing can also be used to disseminate ideas, and more importantly, to provide valuable information that can get you expert status in the eyes of your target readers. In this day and age, people constantly crave for information that’s why the spread of information is so fast. Brochures then can provide a solution to this need of your target clients.

And with the ever changing times, brochure color prints can easily adapt to current situations. More than to impress, they can also be transformed to drive home a strong message that deals with present issues and concerns that consumers of today face.

The role of brochures has drastically changed along with the times. Gone were the days that brochures are classified as just collateral that sell. More than anything else, printing brochures is now as important as ever because it provides answer to a particular concern that many consumers are looking for – information. Not just as sales agents, your marketing collateral has become an agent of information as well. They’ve become your representative of idea and message to your target clients.

This is what brochure marketing is all about. More than promoting one’s product, brochures are given a more important role of providing useful and up-to-date information to your target clients. And it may be a bigger role indeed, but your brochures can definitely fit the bill.

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