How to Make Brochures Work: an Indispensable Guide

Maricar Cadavicio asked:

Brochures are just some of the printed materials handed out in malls and other crowded places. Like flyers, brochures are given away to promote businesses’ sales activity, create awareness of certain causes endorsed by civic groups, or announce special events.

Unfortunately, brochures too are some of the materials that can be seen strewn haphazardly near garbage bins, thrown away and discarded.

These things happen too often to some brochures. Such brochures that are offered are even refused in the first place. We all know what kind of thoughts commonly goes into a person’s head when they see brochures.

• I have no use for brochures

• Brochures aren’t worth the trouble

• These brochures are probably of not much interest anyway. So why bother?

• They’re just added trash

Brochures are business tools that circulate information on changes and the most recent developments about a particular product, causes or other subjects of interest. But how come the majority of these brochures are listlessly thrown off the side? Could there be a better way to make the brochures readable and noticeable?

It is such a waste to throw away those expensive brochures without them being thoroughly read. What makes an expensive brochure invested in by even the most well intentioned companies rejected? There are many don’ts in the business of printing, advertising, design and the like. They are all interconnected and might as well, we concentrate on the do’s.

Most definitely, the brochure has to overcome and confront the aforementioned misconceptions head on. it is possible to increase the readership of your brochures. It is possible for them to hold on to your brochures. And it is possible that with one look, they’ll be far more interested in it than they would have imagined in the first place.

Creating quality brochures take preparation. It also needs a definitive purpose that will answer to a particular goal. It needs a lot of thought but once you’ve straightened out your priorities, making brochure will be just a cinch.

If you feel like you’re designing a brochure from scratch, then these helpful ideas and question will lead you on the right track.

1. Identify what product or information you are going to focus on and promote. Determine the relevance of your subject matter or the review the concept or your product. Ask these following questions:

• What are its strong points?

• Are these points urgent?

• Are they, the product, services, or issues trendy?

• To what lengths will you be discussing these important points?

• It is extremely important to have a vast understanding or a general overview would be enough to motivate them?

2. Assess your target audience carefully.

• Who is your target market?

• Will you be aligning your ideas and language to your target audience’s background or still use a more general tone?

3. Plan the brochure’s content carefully with the following considerations:

• Finalize the heading, and the main thought of your brochure, along with the respective images that will be used.

• Make sure that you are writing in the most succinct and effective tone, as to create an impact and better mobilize the readers.

• Try to write short and powerful words to get the message across. Motivational and structured sentences help more than enough to create a semblance of distinct alertness and awareness.

4. Devise an appealing and functional design that communicates your intentions.

• Carefully plan where each text will be placed – what should be highlighted among these headlines?

• Which font will be suitable for the brochure? One that can be easily read, one that would complement the design or both?

• Colors can influence and persuade a person. Make sure to use lively colors.

• Make sure to use your company or product’s distinguishable colors too.

And with all these considerations in mind, the most important factor to accomplish is to procure an established and experienced printer. They should have a good track record to avoid any mishaps in your brochure printing project.

A good printer will not only avoid you the unnecessary hassle of correcting and repeating the whole process again. It would also assure you that their experience would equate to quality prints that are quick and worth every penny spent.

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