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Booklet printing can come in many sorts of shapes and sizes. In this article we will show you how to make a “mobile booklet”. These mobile and cheap booklets are those booklets that are used as references and guides. They usually are smaller and are easier to carry around, especially depending on the nature of the work that the booklets are used for. As a guide, we have listed the steps on booklet printing for mobility below. Hopefully this should help you out in creating those mobile booklets for a business or project.

Adjusting size standards: The first step in creating in mobile booklet printing is to adjust your booklet size. This is determined by your content, and of course your preferences on how mobile your booklets should be. Ideally though, you should have a booklet with the smallest size possible. You can go for something like a standard 8.5 by 5.5 inches in dimension to smaller custom sizes like 5.5 by 4.25 inches. The smaller your booklet is, the easier it is for you to distribute it and for people to carry it around. Just get a good balance between content and size and you should be OK.

Trimming down content: Of course, speaking of content, for your mobile booklet it is best to trim it down to the shortest possible length that you can work with. It is a booklet after all and not a novel. Try to cut extraneous paragraphs and sentences if you can, and switch to a straightforward or direct kind of tone when writing. Try to have an outline of arguments and major concepts in the booklet so that there is an efficient and logical flow of ideas and topics from start to finish. Also, use headings and subheadings as your way of transitioning between paragraphs, since this makes the booklet topics easier to find and read. By making your content more efficient and straightforward you can reduce the whole length of your booklet by a significant amount, priming it for a better fit for a mobile booklet.

Images worth a thousand words: To aid your trimmed content however, do not forget to use images in your small booklet. In fact, images can be more efficient sometimes in getting your point across in a booklet. Since as they say “a picture paints a thousand words,” you should be able to illustrate a concept better and more efficiently with a half page diagram, rather than a whole page block of text. So, if there is an opportunity to do so, add in images and diagrams to help your mobile print booklets out.

Printing for mobility: Lastly we go to printing. With your booklet size already set to its smallest configuration, you should try to find a booklet printing service that can do the job. The Internet is where you should find the most numerous listings for booklet printing services, so try to start there for your search. Chances are good that you should find one firm that can print in your preferred smaller size. Once you have a deal, just send up your design to the printer and you should have it delivered in days.

Once those things arrive, you are now all ready to give out your booklets. With your booklets’ smaller size and manageability, you should be able to distribute your booklets very easily and quickly. You can send them away cheaper in the postal service, or through giveaways when necessary.

So there you have it, the whole process in making mobile booklets. You should see that smaller booklets can be beneficial for certain kinds of marketing goals which need small but easy to read promotional materials or information guides. So use them when you can and reap their benefits.

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