Different Types of Booklets for Varied Purposes

Katie Marcus asked:

Booklet printing is not just about one specific medium. Many custom booklet printing methods are used to create many different types of color booklets for different kinds of purposes. If you are thinking about having booklet printing done for your own project or business you might first need to define your purpose or main objective for it. There are different types of booklets to fit a particular purpose or objective.

Below are five common types of booklets being used nowadays.

Inspirational or religious booklets One major type of booklet that is printed a lot these days are the inspirational or religious ones. Anything that can lift people’s spirits up and guide them towards a better feeling and understanding about their selves really does deserve a guide that can be easily stored in the pocket. Novenas, prayer books and morale guides are good examples of these. They exploit the very mobile nature of booklets to help people with their spiritual needs even if they are on the go.

Marketing business booklets These have detailed information and news about a certain company or firm that are used for marketing campaigns. They usually tackle about the company’s products, their company goal and other kinds of vital business information. A company’s use of materials like these means that they want to improve their relations with the public and improve their reputation or image as well with them. Printing booklets like these can be beneficial providing enhanced awareness of a firm’s identity and services providing more opportunities for sales and investment.

Program of information booklets This type is quite common. Program guide for events, conferences and other such gathers are usually printed as booklets. Since people need quick but very detailed information about the occasion, booklets are an ideal medium to use in situations like those. They usually act as guide, telling people the background details of the event, the people involved and the things that they should expect to happen. People can readily keep the booklets as reference as they go around and experience whatever happens in that occasion.

Tutorial or reference booklets The best and most common example of this type is the product manual. Manuals can be small booklets with detailed instructions about a certain product. This is an ideal format since they can deliver a significant amount of information easily using small print dimensions without overwhelming people in terms of content. People can easily carry and glance at a reference or manual booklet as they go about dealing with the booklet’s topic itself. This is a good way to train people for various tasks and the use of certain objects.

Entertainment booklets Examples of this type can be things like coloring “books”, activity sheets and others that usually provide interactivity and amusement. They are typically used as supplementary learning materials that can make learning fun. Since booklets are not as intimidating as textbooks, booklets are a comfortable medium for situations like this.

So, what type of booklet do you think you can use for your business or project? Just try to pick the best one that suits your goal and you should have no problem. Good Luck!

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