Better Booklet Printing

Lynne Saarte asked:

Booklet printing come in all shapes and sizes from magazines to proposals and presentation materials to annual reports. Because of the variety of designs, there is really no standard layout for a booklet. Nevertheless, the plan for a booklet will involve similar steps whatever its purpose.

• Just like any other marketing material, you will need to begin by knowing your purpose. What are you wanting to accomplish with your booklet? Do you want to make a sale, to present your product, or report the progress of a project?

• You will need to know your audience so that you can make your text interesting for your readers.

• One of the most important steps in creating any booklet is to proofread carefully, and then proofread again, and again. Typos and mistakes take away from the professionalism of your project.

• Be creative in your design. You will want a booklet that is uniquely yours – a booklet that cannot be anyone else’s because it is so tailored to your image.

• Determine how many pages you need and the quantity. Communicating with your catalog printing company can help you to determine the best printing choices for your booklet type, such as paper stock. Most commercial printers also offer different levels of design help.

Planning before beginning any of the actual layout or design process will help your brochure to come together more quickly and easily. So pick up a pencil and pad of paper, outline a plan, and contact your printer for better results with booklet printing.

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