What Backpack Diaper Bags Can Provide Unlike Any Other

David Cummings asked:

Backpacks are no longer only for school or for hiking. Today’s backpack diaper bags now do double duty for your baby’s diapering needs as well as all of your personal and parenting needs! You may love that cute diaper bag with teddy bears or floral prints splashed on the sides, but you will soon find that a conventional diaper bag doesn’t suit your needs.

Conventional diaper bags are too small for today’s busy on-the-go parents. These bags usually hold only a handful of diapers (just enough for a day outing), some wipes, a single change of clothes, a bottle and small toy. If you squeeze everything tightly, you might be able to get in the diaper rash ointment and a pacifier. You will need a second bag for an additional change of clothes for baby. Think about it, have you ever known a baby who doesn’t go through at least three changes of clothes daily?

Backpack diaper bags have room for everything, and can easily hold a complete day’s worth or more of diapers, at least two bottles and even the can of dry formula and water to mix it with if you will be out for quite some time. The external and internal zippered compartments can hold the diaper rash ointment, powder, pacifiers, toys, antibacterial wipes, cell phone, and car keys. There will even be room for jars of baby food.

Carrying a conventional diaper bag is awkward as the bag is usually too heavy to be worn over the shoulder. If your hands are tied up carrying the diaper bag, where does the baby go?

Backpack diaper bags, however, leave your hands free to hold your baby. A well-constructed backpack diaper bag will spread its weight across your back, making for less stress on your shoulders.

A backpack diaper bag is more portable than a conventional bag since it easily goes where you go. You can wear the backpack diaper bag on short hikes to the park or while biking.

Backpack diaper bags take up no extra room since they do not need to be set down until you choose to remove them from your shoulders. A major plus in choosing a backpack diaper bag is that dads are more likely to wear them than they are to carry a cutesy bag. Backpack diaper bags come in both men’s and women’s styles and colors. For greater versatility in your backpack diaper bag, choose one with a strap or clip for attaching to a stroller.

A drawback of the backpack diaper bag is that smaller items in the main compartment can, over time, filter to the bottom of the bag, which could make finding the smaller item slightly more difficult. If you find this is the case, you can solve this by utilizing organizer bags for inside your backpack diaper bag.

Most backpack diaper bags fit into carry-on luggage spaces of major airlines, often with room to spare. With so many useful options it is easy to see why parents are choosing backpack diaper bags over the traditional diaper bag when traveling with their babies.

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