The Different Types Of Golf Bags And Which Ones Are Best

Jarvis Malone asked:

Getting a good golf bag isnt the end of the world. At most a good or bad golf bag can only indirectly effect your golf game. So when choosing a golf bag there are a few things you need to consider. First thing, will you be using a caddie? Because if you’re planning to, that will change a lot of factors when deciding which kind of bag to go with. Another big factor includes how much time you’ll be spending driving around in a golf cart, as some bags are made to be heavier and to hold more stuff.

So here are the major categories of golf bags. You have the staff bag, the travel bag, and the cart bag. Now, they will sometimes go by different names, but we will explain the features of each and you should be able to tell the different names by the features. We’ll start with the most common bag. The staff bag is the most popular golf bag because of how they are built, and some of the other features associated with them. As far as other names staff bags are called, the second most common name is tour bag. No matter what you call it, these bags are built equipped to hold your standard 14 golf clubs, plus they typically have other built in roo for all your extra stuff you gotta haul around. This bag is a good choice for those of you that have a caddie, as it can get pretty heavy depending on how many things you load it up with.

For those of you that dont have, or dont want, a caddie, you’re probably gonna want to go with the golf travel bag. These golf bags are perfect for the golfer that is always on the go. This bag is ideal for you if you plan on carrying your own golf bag around the course all day. And it should go without saying, but if you plan on traveling, then this would be the perfect for you. Not only are they smaller, so they are easier to carry, but they are usually a lot cheaper then the golf staff bag. The only downside to these bags is of course the lack of room. You will have to pack light when going with the travel golf bag.

The last common golf bag out there is the cart golf bag. The golf bags are designed to be lugged around in a cart so they are usually a little more stout then the tour bag. These bags will also carry a little more, which causes them to be a little heavier, hence the cart. The nice thing about these bags is that it is usually a lot easier to stay organized, which can come in handy out on the links. As far as price goes, the cart golf bags are usually competitively priced, and as long as you shop around, you can find really good deals most of the time.

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