Free Booklet can Increase your Response Rate

Colleen Davis asked:

What is every business’ purpose when creating a marketing campaign, be it booklet printing or catalog printing or even print flyers? To have the readers respond to the ad.

Every marketing campaign has this objective in mind: in every ad, there must be a response to it or the promotional strategy fails. Be it a phone call, a visit to your shop, or even a click on your website, the bottom line is to have your target clients move from where they are and act favorably to your call. And more than likely that your call-to-action would be in the form of a phone call.

One way of getting your readers to move their behinds and start calling is to offer something free. That’s right. No other word in the dictionary can drive a person from its resting place and compel him or her to act according to your will. ‘Free’ has that power. ‘Free’ can be your overpowering and driving force to make them want to reach out for their phones and give you a ring.

One marketer suggested that in order for businesses to have their target clients call them is to offer free printing booklets. Of course booklets is not necessarily the best giveaway when you have other items to choose from. But quality booklet printing that is designed to answer specific issues and concerns of your target clients can be powerful enticers that make them want to have one.

Why booklets? Because printing booklets is cheap and can give your readers valuable information that they can actually use in their daily lives. Even if they’re not the latest gadget that they expect when they saw the word ‘free’ in your ad, but it did get attention that even the most apathetic of readers picked up the phone and dialed your number. Quality booklet printing definitely gives prospects a reason to call you.

Why booklets? When people call to ask for the ‘free’ booklet, it is non-threatening. It’s not aggressive as say, having to call a salesperson for a free iPod or the Jonas Brothers CD. Because when clients call to ask for these freebies, they know that they will be given a sales pitch and be persuaded to make a purchase. Of course, they need to be persuaded because it’s not a small thing that you’re giving away. You need to return a favor for the free item. Quid pro quo.

The key to this is to make your readers move. When your readers call this means that your campaign worked. Why booklets, you ask. Because printing booklets is the only marketing collateral that gives value to your readers without being aggressive in promoting your business.

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