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Janice Jenkins asked:

For any kind of advertisement you will want to be very specific about where you hand them out, but with booklets this tends to be even more important. Given the length of a booklet you have to be certain that you have the right kind of audience, or find other ways to increase the odds of a person taking interest in what your booklet is about.

Booklet printing is not the cheapest path for advertising that you could pick, which makes distribution even more of a pressing concern if you want to be certain that your money was well spent, so what can you do?

The first way of getting your booklets out there is to find events where you are already going to be speaking or presenting information to a large group. If you have a speech or presentation to give, or if you are going to be a guest speaker somewhere, be certain that you have a good supply of booklets with you.

This stands as one of the single best moments to get your booklets out to people who will be likely to read them. Because you are also presenting information through other means with your speech or whatever else you plan on doing, you are helping to increase the odds of a person taking interest in the subject.

Furthermore you already know they have at least a passing knowledge of your industry and a desire to learn more or else they would not even be there listening to you. Unfortunately events like this only occur so often, so you will likely want to have more ways to get use out of your booklet printing.

The next ways is less precise and more about keeping your eyes open. I would always carry at least one or two booklets with you at all times. If you happen to get into a conversation with someone, or find yourself in a good position to hand one out you will want to have it there and ready. It is always good to give a booklet to people following a conversation about the subject matter, because you know they are going to be willing to give your booklet a chance.

Lastly, at various conventions and other places meant to generate leads you will be more likely to encounter people willing to take the time to read through a longer form of marketing like booklets. They are there to get more business and find ways to improve their own business, so they will be open to learning and reading something that could help increase their sales.

I am sure you can find even more ways depending on the type of business you run and the things you do for marketing on a regular basis. The thing to remember is that because booklets are longer you will want to find people who are going to have the time and energy to read through them.

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