Three Purposes of Booklets Explained

Robert Johnston asked:

“Booklet” is a term in printing that can refer to any printed piece that has a cover (whether of the same or different paper type as the inside pages) and contains 4 or more pages of information. Most booklets include a table of contents page or an index, text, images, page numbers, an order form if the purpose is to create sales, and a title. Catalogs, sales reports, manuals, magazines, some newsletters, and a few types of brochures can all be considered booklets.

Different booklets have different purposes. Sometimes even the same type of booklet can be used for a variety of purposes. For instance, a magazine can have goals of informing, entertaining, and selling in a single issue. No matter the type of booklet, each purpose has different standards to which it adheres.


The focus of an informational booklet is to disseminate necessary knowledge to a specific audience. This type of booklet printing may involve detailed data, images to help in the explanation, chapters, and subheadings for organizing information. Examples include manuals and sales reports.


A booklet that focuses on entertainment provides interesting and intriguing articles and stories that are tailored to the interests of the audience. An entertainment booklet may contain helpful tips and hints and other educational information but is presented in an entertaining tone, as in the case of a magazine, rather than the dry, no-nonsense tone of an informational booklet.


A booklet that aims to create sales focuses its entire design on appealing to the desires and needs of a certain audience, such as with a catalog. The design, images, text, headings, and colors are chosen to appeal to the consumers. The cover is created to capture attention so that viewers will want to flip through the brochure and, hopefully, purchase the listed items.

Successful booklet printing requires knowing the purpose – to inform, entertain, or make a sale. If the goals are outlined ahead of time, then the design team can better create a booklet that meets these needs much more effectively.

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