Your Booklet Content Can Persuade Your Readers to Buy

Janice Jenkins asked:

Yes, selling and marketing are not only designated to brochures, flyers and postcards. Your booklet printing can also be an integral part of your marketing campaign, and can do very well in influencing your readers to buy from you.

Printing booklets is almost the same as printing your custom brochures and catalogs. They have the same amount of pages (which is many compared to a one-page flyer), and you can list as many products and services as you want. The only difference is that your booklet printing can also serve as information guide to update your readers of what is going on with your business. Not only that, printing booklets can also be a means for you to spread valuable information that your target readers can use in their daily routine.

And just like brochures, your custom booklets should be able to attract your target readers for it to become effective. Without readers to look inside its pages, your booklet printing might as well be just another stack of paper that should be trashed immediately.

So what do you do to attract as many target readers as you can handle? You need to beef up on the content and images when printing booklets.

Informative and visually appealing. Booklets are not made of content alone. In order for you to attract the eyes of your readers, you need to add pizzazz to your project with colors and images. However, what is appealing depends also on the person reading your color booklets. So be sure to create a marketing ad that can encompass most if not all reader preferences. One basic rule to guide you – be sure to have a clean and uncluttered look to your booklet printing. How you print your booklet is a reflection of how you operate your business and the way you deal with your clients.

Simplicity always wins over complexity. A simple and clean design always gets positive points when it comes to attracting readers to your print ad. Even if you are a graphic design company or an artist showcasing your talent, a complex design can only distract your audience to what is more important, which is your message.

Just remember the KISS principle – “keep it simple and sweet”. If your elements do not have a purpose and can only clutter your overall appearance then better forget them. You need to focus on what is important. Highlighting your message is more important than having an attractive design that does not mean anything.

Consistency. Not only should you beef up on your content and add appeal through your color and images, more importantly, all of your elements should be consistent to your overall look and feel. Consistency to one theme or idea throughout your many pages should be a priority when designing your booklet printing. Everything in your print ad should have one purpose – to emphasize your message.

Relevance and fresh information. Finally, remember that not only are you providing your readers with your product and service list, you are also giving information that they can use in their life. What good would that information is if it is already obsolete? Review and update your content as well as your images so you will not appear inefficient and inept in running your business.

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