Using Microsoft Word For Booklet Printing

Lynne Saarte asked:

Some people do not know it, but you can actually set your Microsoft Word document for use in booklet printing. This should really help you when you print booklets since you do not need extra training for more advanced publishing software. You can set your page margins or borders in Microsoft Word already and you simply hand the document over to the publisher for booklet printing. It is that simple. Here are the steps that you should follow.

1. First, fire up your Microsoft Word application. If you already have a document which you typed in your booklet content, simple click on “file” and then click on “open…”

2. A dialog window should come up. Just look for the document you need and double click on it to open that document. (of course if you do not have your booklet content yet, a new document should do, and you can skip this step)

3. Now, once you have the document you want to work with open. Click on the “File” option again and click then click on “Page Setup.”

4. Look for the tab markers above and click on the “Margins” tab. This should let you see all the options you need in setting the different margin sides of the Microsoft Word document.

5. Now, look for the the “Pages” section. Sections should be clearly marked by lines and a label indication. You should spot the “Multiple Pages” drop-down options list. Click on the “down arrow” and look for the “Book fold” option in the list that comes down.

6. Then, select the “book fold” option by clicking on it once.

7. Next, type in the the amount of space you want for the inner and outer margins. This is indicated in the “Inside” and “Outside” fields if you wish to make adjustments to it.

8. Also, you have to place a space that is reserved for the binding area or spine of the booklet. Do this by simply typing in the amount of space you need for the spine or binding of your booklet in the “Gutter” field on the same section.

9. Afterwards, look for “Sheets per booklet” option. It should have a drop-down list under “Pages” section of the margins tab. Just choose the number of pages that you want to have in your booklet so that the booklet setup is complete.

10. Once you are finished simply click “OK” to close the “Page Setup” dialog window.

11. Great! You are done! The document is now setup to print as a booklet. You should notice that each page now has a different margin setup according to its position as a “left” page or a “right” page. This should be very useful as you send your document up for booklet printing.

12. Now, all that is left to do is to adjust your content (if you edited an existing document) or to type in your content (if this is a new document).

Great! Hopefully this little technique will save you hours of training and printing worries. You do not need to know any new applications, the documents are readily accepted by booklet printing services and all in all it is really easy to set this up. Have a nice time booklet printing.

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