Is it for You: Booklets

Robert Johnston asked:

As a little more obscure form of advertising when compared to those more often used, booklet printing has a habit of being either forgotten, or not well understood.

Hopefully I can clear up some of the details about booklets, and help people to decide if they’re the right form of marketing to use for them.

What exactly do booklets do?

Booklets allow you to provide people with a much larger amount of information than you would otherwise be able to. Most forms of marketing only allow for short and direct messages. Brochures come the closest to a longer message, but these often deal more with a strong combination of images and words that reduces the space you have for directly explaining something.

A booklet being more like a book lends itself well for a more in-depth message for your customers. If you need to explain a more complicated service this will most certainly be the way to go.

How much do booklets cost?

Booklets often carry with them a fairly average costs for advertising, though you’ll probably end up with fewer booklets overall than you would postcards or flyers, and so on. Similar to brochures they’re much longer, but unlike brochures, they often contain less graphic design work, and so costs can be saved in this area. Because they’re longer they’ll naturally cost a little more when it comes to the booklet printing, which makes it best to get the biggest batch of them done at once that you can.

What situations are they best for?

Booklets are usually used in more precise situations than other types of marketing, which is why you don’t see them as much. You won’t be well-advised to send out a massive booklet marketing campaign in the same way you would postcards. Sending booklets through the mail won’t be a very effective way of grabbing a person’s attention because most won’t read them.

Instead, booklets work well for those who are committed to learning more about something. Think about big purchase or long term services that are going to have a lasting impact on a person’s life. These things are large enough that someone wants to know a lot about what they’re getting before they commit themselves, and a person will naturally be more willing to take the time to read through a booklet to understand what it says.

What are the downsides to booklets?

Lastly, booklets are much longer, and they are more situation specific than a lot of other forms of marketing. You’ll want to make sure that you’re only using them at the right time, and don’t just go out and get a bunch of booklets made without knowing ahead of time what you’re going to do with them.

Booklet printing works best if you have your marketing well planned and you know exactly what you’re going to do with them.

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