Why Do You Need to Print Booklets?

Lynne Saarte asked:

If you want to start building your business to earn huge profits, you might want to try printing booklets to earn thousands of dollars as many publishers have already done.

A booklet is a 3 x 8 inch collateral that has as few as 8 and as many as 48 pages full of information to educate a target audience. It contains how to’s, tips, suggestions, and strategies to help anybody accomplish what they have set out to do. It can fit inside your pocket, a purse, a briefcase, or even a handbag. And you can mail it to your target readers because its size can fit even an ordinary #10 business envelope.

As printing booklets go, the main purpose of the project is to provide useful information that your target readers can keep for future reference. Hence, more than a marketing tool, your booklet printing is small collateral that can help you maintain your readers’ attention for a very long time.

Small booklet printing can get you bigger profits because people need information; and they need them fast. Booklet printing fills this particular need. Not only that. Booklets can be completed in two weeks or less that they are perfect for business owners who need marketing collaterals as quickly as one professional printer can provide.

Here are more reasons why you need print booklets to boost your business:

1- They are great giveaways.

More than your pens, custom postcards, or even coffee mugs, printing booklets are more effective because they have value that lasts. Mostly in trade shows, booklets are great giveaways mainly because they provide useful information minus the overwhelming feeling that some full packed information collaterals give. They can be filed and stored, and can be taken out again when the need for their information comes up.

2- They are packed full with information – information that your readers want.

A booklet’s purpose is so important because it gives your target readers solutions to particular issues. People need these solutions; and as I said, they need them as quickly as they can get them. If you can provide these solutions in your custom booklets, then your company’s credibility can draw your potential clients to your business.

3- They have more positive impact.

Because your booklets’ information provides solutions to problems, they are marketing collaterals that have lasting value. Unlike a coffee cup or company bag, what you have when printing booklets makes a positive impact to your readers. It establishes you as knowledgeable and an expert in your field. Hence, you leave your target clients with the impression that you want to build a relationship with them that will last for a long time.

4- It costs less to print a booklet.

The cost of printing them is less than other giveaways. Not to mention that you can always use your booklets all year round. Even if you have a number of print collaterals tucked away after a trade show or seminar, you can easily use your booklets in other sales efforts as effectively as the first time you used them.

So why print booklets? Because it is simple way to earn big profits from an otherwise small collateral.

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