Simple Tips In Choosing Booklet Borders

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Custom booklet printing can never really be complete without installing your own booklet borders. Borders are an integral part of booklet printing since it gives your pages a more organized and proper appearance. Also, borders can be designed in such a way as to convey subtle tones and effects that can enhance the theme and the overall message of your booklet printing. So if you need help in choosing the borders for your booklets, here are some of our tips on how to do it.

Taking into consideration its function – The initial step in choosing your booklet border is to determine their main function. Is it just an accent for your text, or is it a frame for the many images in your booklet? Will it be something that enhances your booklet message, or will it actually define the message itself? Of course you must ask yourself if you really need borders at all, and in what places do you actually want them. All of these questions will lead you to a realization of what kind of border you want for your booklet. So determine the function of your border first, before deciding on what it should look like.

Forming a coherent theme – Next, once you have a pretty good idea of what your borders should be, you can now decide on what the color booklet border should look like. It is usually best to stick to one theme, in terms of your fonts, images and of course the borders. These design elements is usually connected to the content of the booklet itself. So try and form a coherent theme for all those aspects. If there is already a main theme decided, then you just need to look for a matching border scheme that matches that theme. This enhances the completeness of your booklet making it easier on the eyes and more logical. It establishes the booklet’s overall identity in a way.

If you do not pick a coherent theme for your borders though, people can actually get a little bit confused as to the message you are projecting. They might have difficulty understanding the angle that you are looking for and at the end, they might not even trust the content which is seemingly out of character with the other designs and borders. So make sure to have a coherent theme that spans all aspects of the booklets including the borders.

Aiming for that subtle impact – Also, another good tip for borders is to design for a small but effective impact. Usually it is best to not draw too much attention to the border, and aim for that subtle impact which connects to a reader. People appreciate the little accents that borders give since it helps them appreciate the booklets better. Little elegant curves and lines can give a booklet that formality and regality that deserves luxury booklets, while plain utilitarian lines can project the professionalism and practicality of marketing booklets. These subtle effects enhance the overall opinion of people regarding booklets and it makes them more effective, readable and even worth keeping. So aim for borders that can do this for your content, and for your booklet itself.

Selecting from templates – Finally, if you are still at a loss in creating the borders for your color booklets, you may turn to booklet templates as a good way to choose your borders. Most printing companies offer booklet templates for free, some with borders already built into them. This lets you choose from a variety of creative designs for booklets without going through the hassle of whipping out something for your imagination. Templates are very easy to use, and you should find the best border for your purposes in no time.

Always keep in mind these tips as you choose your borders for booklet printing. These should help you pick the best border for your booklet quickly and efficiently.

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