Is Booklet Printing the Right Strategy for You?

Janice Jenkins asked:

There are a lot of paper mediums out there for a variety of different purposes. One of them is the booklet. Have you considered booklet printing for your business or project? Booklets are versatile and mobile tools that help you provide information to groups of people in an easily read format. Depending on your purposes, like marketing or training, booklet printing can be the perfect or imperfect tool for you. To help you figure this out, here are a few general points to help you find out if color booklet printing is the right strategy for you.

What booklets do: Basically, booklets provide information. When you print booklets, you want people to learn from what is inside the booklets. The difference between this and other print mediums like brochures, fliers or posters is that a custom booklet can hold more information. In fact it can hold a significant amount of information that no brochure can provide. Combine this with its easily distributable format, and the full color booklet becomes great tool for disseminating significant amounts of information to a wide audience.

Because of this fact, booklets are perfect for marketing or advertising projects that require a little more detailed information about the product or service. For example, a booklet may contain information about a special account or service for banks, special technical features for telecommunications or a new way of social networking. Also, booklets are perfect as training manuals since they are almost similar to a book in containing amounts of information. So if you are planning on a training project, or tutorial service a full color booklet is the perfect way to go.

The cost of booklet printing: In terms of cost, booklet printing is a bit more expensive than other printing strategies. When you compare it to a unit for unit standpoint against fliers or brochures this will become evident. This is the case because a booklet printing company will need more paper to produce a booklet than a brochure or flier. More paper means more cost. Because of this you might be able to produce a less amount of booklets than brochures when you are on a budget. This is the trade-off. Your booklets may hold more information, but they cost more, and you will tend to produce less of them.

However, you can save a bit on booklet printing if you minimize the use of pictures and images. Booklets being more about information than anything else will use less images on its production. So it is a good idea to use only the most important images in your booklet design to cut cost on those full color images.

To offset the booklet printing cost, you can reuse your booklets. After one presentation or training program, you can use it again on the next one if possible. Also, unlike brochures and fliers, booklets can be left at waiting areas like office lobbies or waiting rooms for people to peruse and then leave again.

So is booklet printing the right strategy for you? Do your budget and your goal match how a booklet costs and performs? Booklets are a worthy investment for marketing, advertising and training purposes. So don’t be afraid to try printing full color booklets to benefit you and your project.

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