Cheap Booklets for Business: A Guide

Katie Marcus asked:

In this article we will show you how to find a cheap booklet printing quote. When printing booklets, be it for instructional or promotional purposes, many businessmen and businesswomen want to cut the costs as much as possible so that the extra money can be spent elsewhere for business.

Cheap booklet printing is one of their crucial option for this, and we will show you how to do this with 5 easy tips.

1. Cover Focus: The first thing that you can do to create a cheap booklet for printing is to focus all your quality features on the cover. This means that only the cover should have the better paper stock, as well as the color inks and images.

Since usually you would want to maximize the impact of your booklets, the cover is where you must focus your efforts. It must be the part of your booklet that is most eye-catching and accessible to people. The inner pages can all be printed in black and white ink if you want to save on money. This is especially prudent if you are creating an instructional booklet since most of the inner pages should primarily have lots of text for its content.

2. Easy binding: Next, you can also try employing some easy and cheap binding techniques for your print booklets. Forget about perfect book binding and its high cost, for the more economically minded booklet printer, it is best to bind your booklets using metal staples or plastic combs. Both of these binding techniques are relatively cheaper than perfect binding and in fact you can do this at home if you want to.

In terms of staples, you can actually just buy a large stapler and staple wires to bind your booklets together. This is the easiest way with absolutely no other professionals needed to bind together the pages of your booklet. The other way is to buy a comb binding machine and some plastic comb binders and apply that technique for the booklets. Either way, you can save several hundred dollars in terms of booklet printing by doing it all at home.

3. Smaller options: Another way to loose more costs for booklet printing is to print in smaller sized booklets.. By just decreasing your size 15% you can already save a significant amount of money in the booklet printing itself. Smaller booklets are of course cheaper to produce and faster to make so it is really economical to do this for your booklets. So save money and print smaller, you won’t have trouble with it.

4. Self publishing: If you are unsatisfied with the results however with your printing company, you can also try self publishing your booklets. You can just print your booklet pages in the computer using your own office or house printer. Then using the binding techniques stated above you can bind your printed works into one whole color booklet. This is relatively cheaper especially if you are just printing a small number of booklets for your project. For bigger orders though, you may want to go for an online booklet printing company.

5. Online printing: Lastly, one of the most cheapest options that you have in printing is the online printer. There are now a lot of online publishing houses that can do multiple jobs in printing including of course booklet printing.

In most cases, the online printing companies offer cheaper and more affordable prices because they face tough competition with other printing houses out there. So if you still want to save more on printing booklets try to hire an online printing company to do it.

Now, use these five tips in conjunction with each other and you should have a high probability of success of getting that cheap and affordable booklet printing quote.

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