Are Folding Machines Really Worth It?

Michael Chan asked:

Folding a large amount of documents can be a repetitive, time-consuming task. The image of your business depends on the perception of the materials you mail. Many people pay attention to the quality of the printed page they send out, but not as many pay attention to the folding of these pages. A folding machine can make the quality of your folded papers uniform. Making a crisp fold in an efficient manner is the goal of a folding machine. It will save you time and in the long run, money A folding machine is a financial investment for your business of organization, so you’ll want to take some time to identify your folding needs before buying a folding machine.

Folding machines are designed to meet a variety of business needs but are often most popular in businesses that handle advertising, marketing, and direct mail projects. If your folding needs are simple, an inexpensive manual folding machine might be the correct match for you. The DynaFold DE-168 Desktop Paper Folder is a great folding machine for basic folding needs. This folding machine is portable, weighing only ten pounds, and is able to be used on a desktop. Requiring no setup, this is a great folding machine for an organization that has one or two simple folding needs. This folding machine can handle #20 bond 8.5”x11” paper and can fold up to three sheets manually. For many small businesses, this is all they need in a folding machine at a low price.

For an organization that needs a more heavy duty machine, there are more options. The DynaFold DE-262AF Friction Feed Paper Folder is a high performance folding machine with many enticing features. This machine self-adjusts to the thickness of the paper you’re folding, using an automatic friction feeding system to move the paper into the machine. 500 sheets of paper can be stacked at once to feed into this folding machine. An automatic ‘stop paper feed’ feature stops the movement of paper when this folding machine jams or runs out of paper. The folding machine speed is adjustable. This folding machine is in the mid range price category.

For high volume folding needs, a folding machine such as the MBM 352F Paper Folder is a good place to look. This folding machine is a heavy-duty friction feeder able to fold up to 22,000 sheets per hour. This folding machine can make up to eight different folds and is able to handle a wide variety of sizes and types of paper. Additional specialized tools can be added to this folding machine, such as a slitter or a scoring tool.

A Formax FD-390 Airfeed Document Folder with Stand is a high-end folding machine designed for high volume businesses. This folding machine uses an air feed to **** the papers into the rollers, making this a good folding machine choice for a business using a variety of special papers.

A wide variety of folding machines are available to meet your folding needs. Folding machines can be a substantial investment, so it’s a good idea to research your folding machine options.

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