Major Mistakes in Brochure Printing

Lynne Saarte asked:

When starting on your design and brochure printing tasks, there are several things you should avoid to make your brochures effective. The design of a color brochure printing cannot be taken lightly. It may be just a small part of your overall public relations campaign, but it has its uses if your full color brochures are well created. Many companies fail to attract potential customers because their brochure failed. It does happen often because some designers make so much fuss about one great design idea, only to fail on the commercial market because they forgot to do a decent job on another aspect of the brochure.

We have collected a few wise points we have known over the years on the mistakes people make when doing full color printing of their brochures. Keep these in mind as you create your own, and learn from other people’s mistakes.

Not using headings and subheadings: A major mistake in the content of your brochure is if you do not use headlines and subheadings. People naturally browse through the text of a brochure. If they see a big block text they usually avoid it. Headlines help people focus on one detail of the text. If the headline is written good, then there is a chance that the rest of the text can be read as well. Lose your headings and you may lose a reader.

If you are unsure on how to format a brochure try buying or downloading a few brochure templates on the Internet. Brochure templates usually have headings or headlines since it is considered a good practice when making brochures. Brochure printing companies can help you find a template if you are in need of one.

Getting carried away with the pictures: For some reason, a number of people can really get carried away with pictures. Sometimes its the client’s fault and not the designer’s. There are a few firms out there that think that the more pictures they have on the brochure the better it is. This is especially true in travel brochures where most clients want designers to put every single beautiful thing they have.

Now, while pictures are a good thing, too much will make your brochure cluttered. With so many images, you might not be into brochure printing anymore. You might be making a full color printing of a catalog which is a different thing entirely.

Using too much text: Like the mistake above, a different kind of firm can be fixated about the information a brochure has. They may want so much information printer that the design becomes text heavy. Avoid this at all cost. Too much text will turn people off. Achieve a balance of the important things you want to include and the pictures that support them.

Forgetting about the competition: In terms of the content that you are making do not forget to distinguish yourself from your competition. Some people make the mistake in just boasting about what their product or service can do. The trouble is, most of your competition also boasts the same thing. Try telling you readers that you are doing something different. Compare the services of others with your services. Let them think, “oh yeah, that’s a new thing I can try.”

Now, as you start making your brochure, always remember the mistakes listed above. It will help you in making your brochure printing task a success. Happy printing!

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