Make The Earth Proud, Print Green Brochures

Kaitlyn Miller asked:

A lot of emphasis has been given lately to being more environmentally conscious. Even in printing brochures, people have been considerate enough to the environment to print “green brochures”. This involves employing brochure printing methods that have little or absolutely no impact on the environment in terms of pollution. There are several aspects to environmentally sound brochure printing. One of the best and obvious ways is to print brochures using recycled paper.

Tips on Recycled Paper:

When we talk about printing in recycled paper or environmentally sound paper, there are actually several ways in doing this. Your choices are actual 100% recycled paper, hybrid paper with mixes of recycled and virgin paper and paper that are sourced from sustainable forests. Recycled paper itself is basically paper that has been reprocessed for use once again. The hybrids mix this reprocessed paper with virgin “new paper” materials to make the paper look better. Finally, paper from sustainable forests is basically new paper, but since it come from forests that are basically farm forests for trees, the impact on the environment is minimal. If you are indeed environmentally conscious about brochure printing, you can choose from any of these three options and be assured that your impact on the environment is minimal.

Minimizing your brochure’s environmental impact

Besides the actual paper, there are still other ways to make your color brochures more “green”. This involves tweaking a certain aspect of your brochure to minimize its impact. One of these aspects is its size. By just printing brochures with the smallest size possible for your purposes, you can really lessen its impact on the environment. The smaller brochures that you print, the smaller the amount of raw paper mass that you will be introducing to our environment. This means less paper trash to worry about.

Besides that you can also go for organic and environmentally safe inks to print in your brochure paper. Some commercial inks can be toxic or harmful to the environment. Using organic inks avoids this environmental hazard since these inks are sourced from plants. When your brochure reaches the trash, the organic inks will decompose just like the rest of the paper.

Multi-purpose brochures

Lastly, your brochures can be made so that they can have multiple purposes. Having a multi-purpose tool will basically lengthen the life of that printed material. For example, besides being a brochure to spread information, your brochures can also become a container like an envelope for other printed materials. Also, you can double your brochure’s use by making it with a poster like cover. You can switch to using them between posters and brochures depending on your business environment.

By multiplying its use, you don’t have to spend more money and paper on a different type of printed medium. Your brochures can handle that extra role without having to print other types of media. If your brochure materials are environmentally sound, this means that you will again decrease your overall impact on the environment when you use your printed materials.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and print green brochures! Mother earth will be proud of this wonderful and responsible decision.

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