What Are The Typical Businesses That Use Brochures?

Janice Jenkins asked:

If you are thinking about brochure printing but are unsure if you really need to for your business, then you have come to the right place. Uncertainty with this matter is really common. Printing brochures is not just a simple investment. It costs a significant amount of money. Most people want to be sure of the return of the investment, even if it is something like brochure printing.

So who are the people who use brochures? Can you be one of them? Brochures are useful in a variety of industries, but sometimes brochures are more appropriate than others. Here are the typical kinds of businesses that can be truly be helped by brochures.

Luxury service Industry

Service industries like spas, massage parlors and beauty salons can really benefit from printing brochures. It is a prime tool in advertising these luxury services since brochures combine visual and text information in an easily readable format. People can get all the information about a luxury service by just a casual glance. Most sales from this industry can actually be attributed to printing brochures. So if you are in that industry, think seriously about printing them.


Everybody has seen a banking brochure. This is because banks know that they are really effective in creating awareness for their banking services. Especially with a prime industry such as financing and money savings, people really need to know where their money will go and how. Brochures help banking clients by letting them know about the whole banking process and it also can update them on new services as well. Banks also try to sell those new services by adding application forms in those brochures so that people can quickly apply for the service if they are interested. So if you are working in a bank, encourage your sales department to print banking brochures. If they have already, convince them to keep updating the color brochures periodically. The investment in printing brochures is well worth the effort.

Information campaigns

Another field where a lot of people print brochures is for information campaigns. For example, it might be a public service pamphlet for a community, an awareness brochure for a social issue or even a project brochure that explains the details of a certain project like a research topic or thesis. People in these situations print brochures because they know that information can be disseminated quickly and effectively by brochures. Newsletters and booklets are just too long and bulky when you take into account the attention span of the audience. So if you are in an information campaign, go print brochures for that project.

Those are the main fields or industries that are printing brochures. If you are in one of those fields then you should definitely think about brochure printing. If you see that your business is not in the list, then do not fret. You can still print brochures, but it should not be your primary mode of advertising. For example, big sales companies cannot benefit too much from brochures. Since they have a lot of products, a product catalog is more apt since it showcases more products. Brochures should only be a supplement to that.

So what do you think? Are you one of those people that need to print brochures? I hope this article helps you in answering that.

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