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Lynne Saarte asked:

For some businessmen out there, brochure printing is a “one time-big time” occasion. They think that once your color brochures are up and printed, the whole brochure marketing campaign is done. Nothing can be further from the truth however. For an effective and competent color brochure campaign, it is very necessary to keep maintaining the edge of your brochures. This is important since market forces are always changing, and competition from your rivals may require adjustments to your brochure printing campaign throughout the year.

The first step in maintaining your color brochure edge is to update your old designs. If you have been printing the same old brochure year in and year out, it is about time you update it to something new. Try to design a new color brochure layout that is up with the times. Study design trends, and look at the most popular layouts that are being used by your competitors. Of course, try and keep an eye out for anything that can make your brochure design stand out. See if there are design weaknesses and little-used styles that you can take advantage of. Use the information you gathered as an inspiration for your new brochures.

Once you have updated your designs, you should look very new and fresh to your consumers. You can shed that old brochure image in favor of something better and more in touch with the times. Keeping yourself fresh and new should be one of you main goals in maintaining a brochure marketing campaign.

Besides regular updates to the design though, another step that you should take is to create a schedule of your brochure releases. Maintaining a constant market presence is another crucial factor in a brochure marketing campaign. People must always see your brochures all the time. They must realize that you are a constant factor and image in the industry you are on. So it is important to have a clear schedule of brochure release dates throughout the year. Aim for brochure releases a month or so before major holidays, and also have seasonal brochures that you change months go by. Besides maintain a market presence, these regular brochure releases will help you in “brand recognition” since eventually people will immediately recognize your company and its brochures with only a glance.

However, constant schedules for brochure releases should not only be your focus in maintain your brochure marketing campaign. You should also be aware that there are some sudden circumstances when you might have an opportunity for business using your brochure. For example, your local market might experience a floor of a new demographic like tourists, or seniors off in a tour. This might be an opportunity to promote your business, but you do not have any designed aimed for their demographic. In these emergency marketing situations it will really help if you have a few marketing brochure templates ready for print within a moment’s notice.

So always have a readymade brochure design as a template. When opportunity strikes, you just have to add your specific message and you are virtually done. You can have an online printing company send you your brochures overnight and by the morning you are ready to market using your newly made marketing brochures.

So those are what you need to do to maintain your brochure marketing edge. You just have to update designs, schedule constant releases and be prepared for business opportunities. By doing these steps one by one, you should have a nice long term brochure marketing policy that will help your business.

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