Book Marketing –How to Make More Money With Your Books By Finding New Markets

Alex Mandossian asked:

Targeting new markets is an easy and profitable way to repurpose your content. Want to put more cash in your pockets? Of course you do. Looking for ways to repurpose content to make it happen? Of course you are.

Here are four ways to score a bull’s eye by targeting new markets through repurposing.

1. Rearrange content by different demographics.Any given group of people is composed of different demographics. Those demographics have different interests and needs. Sounds like marketing 101, doesn’t it? Guess what, it is.

Look at who’s buying your product now and who you want to add to that list. Many people look at repurposing the book. I don’t look it as that. I look at it as repurposing the message. You custom tailor the message to appeal to sub-groups, either male or female, younger or older, affluent or budget conscious or any of dozens of other criteria. Discover who you want to appeal to, what that target group wants to see, and then juggle the content to give it to them.

2. Offer different versions to the audience by step and level. You’ve created this brilliant teaching tool, now break it into segments and open new markets for each segment. Content arranged for a 20-year veteran business owner can be condensed and the presentation order changed to appeal to the just-hired employee, thereby opening that new market. You can even create multiple versions of content specifically targeted to varying skill or experience levels. Each level opens a new door for sales to walk through. Build those doors and watch the profits roll in.

3. Offer different formats. People have their preferences–use those preferences to open markets for different formats of the same content. In addition to the hardcover book, create an entire product line including a soft cover version, eBooks, audio CDs, MP3s for download, just to name a few options, and previously closed markets are suddenly open. The guy who’s too busy to read a book might have a one-hour commute. So, he’s the perfect candidate for an audio CD. This is one place where the shotgun approach works. Offer the greatest number of choices and you will be surprised at how many people buy the same content in more than one format.

4. Package makes perfect. Offer bonuses and freebies to close the deal. Give them the content and that repurposed content, even if it’s free, will lead to your message. Get the message to them and they will buy. It’s not just a book either, but all these other repurposing ideas that we’ve just gone over.

I hope that makes sense to you. Remember that all these market identifiers are related. Use them together to open even more markets and watch the sales pour in.

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