Advertising Banner Displays: Which One Is Right For You?

Marcus Miglio asked:

The key element to having trade show success is to make your product and company known. In a large, crowded showroom, it is crucial to find effective ways to bring more traffic to your trade show booth. One way to effectively make the best possible impact at your next trade show is with an eye-catching banner display complete with bright, colorful graphics. Banner displays create brand awareness and bring about interest in your company by advertising what you have to offer. It is important to familiarize yourself with the different types of banner displays, to see what will work best for you, your company, as well as your budget. By educating yourself on the new and exciting banner displays that are available, you can be sure you are ultimately making the right purchases to guarantee your company stays ahead of the competition.

Retractable Banner Stands : Ideal for trade show exhibits and conventions, these roll-up displays are portable and easy to travel with. Usually all that is required for set-up is extending the pole and raising the banner. Retractable banner stands also protect the printed graphics during transportation because they are stored inside the base. They come with small cases and/or tubes and can easily be packed up and carried away once the banner is retracted. Many include optional spotlights that attach to the top to further highlight your displayed banner.

Non-Retracting Banner Displays : These banner displays do not require a retracting mechanism, and are therefore less expensive. Many include adjustable poles to manipulate height, and have smaller, lighter bases than the retractable displays. These come in a wide variety to choose from, like standard straight pole versions, as well as more current curved pole models. Most of these displays are ideal for trade shows because the graphic detaches from its base and pole for transportation and storage purposes. Some of these banner displays come quite tall, with heights reaching 18 feet!

Promotional Flags : Advertising flags, like teardrop banners and feather banners, have unique shapes to create more of an impact than customary forms of advertising. Many of the flags allow your custom graphics to be imprinted in one, two, three, or full-color selections. As with most banners, these advertising flags are imprinted on one side only. The print process allows your graphics to pass through their delicate material quickly, so you can see a reversed illustration on the back. Most come with portable bases or ground-mounting ***** systems to keep the flags upright at outdoor events. Designed with portability in mind, most banner flags set up and break down in minutes. The promotional flags fold up neatly into their own included carrying bags for travel.

Backpack Banner : A wearable display, unlike other banner stand units, is a means of mobile marketing. Wearing a banner on your back leaves your hands free to pass out additional promotions, like brochures, pamphlets, fliers and/or business cards. An attention-demanding display, such as a backpack banner is interactive. Not only does a wearable banner allow you to advertise as you walk, it also allows you to actively find potential clients and point customers in the direction of your trade show booth. Unlike a static advertisement these banner backpacks move around at will, just the thing to garner attention.

Banners and promotional flags are fabricated from several types of material. Some examples are : vinyl, fiber, canvas, polyester PolyVinyl (PVC) and polypropylene (PP). Solvent printing inks are used for the vinyls, while silkscreening or dye-sublimation are applied to the fabrics.

Educating yourself beforehand on the types of banner displays you can have for a trade show is essential for success. Preparedness and organization are two huge factors in producing the best results in any given situation. By understanding what advertising techniques work for you, your company, as well as your budget, you are more likely to be successful at your next trade show event. A well designed advertising strategy will result in more business, profits, and exposure.

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