Plastic Cards And Office Security

Carey Leyton asked:

In any workplace or organisation, there are likely to be some resources that can be potentially exploited by certain individuals unless the appropriate security measures are in place. Some examples of sensitive information and vulnerable resources include, but are not limited to:

Physical Assets: These include everything from office supplies to larger items such as computer hardware, etc. While you may not think that it is that easy to remove such items from a given space, anything is possible given the ingenuity of crooks and con-men.

Technological Assets: These include patented or licensed software that the company either sells or uses strictly for in-house purposes. In many cases, these assets can be copied onto a simple and small device such as a CD or a pen-drive.

Sensitive Information: This includes any information pertaining to company finances that may affect either the company, a set of individuals, or the market as a whole.

Customer Information Databases: This includes private customer information such as credit card numbers, addresses, etc.

The very first step in safeguarding against any of aforementioned types of theft is to have a comprehensive identification system in place. This can be achieved with much less hassle than you think. Practical Peripherals Corporation, or PPC, is the leading Australian provider of all of the materials and equipment needed to produce plastic identification cards. PPC is capable of addressing all of your office security related needs that pertain to plastic identification cards. If you are a part of or own an organisation that is need of plastic identification cards, look no further than PPC.

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