Sutra Magazine Launches in Cape Town


Kommal Publishing (Pty) Ltd, a subsidiary of Kommal Holdings, is proud to launch the long- awaited publication of SUTRA™ MAGAZINE at the Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town on 26 October 2007.

This South African title has already received national acclaim, and has a steady growth of support and acclamation internationally. The evening function was lit with the vibrancy and richness that is Indian culture, with guests adorned in Indian attire that flaunted elegance and beauty at its paramount.

Editor in Chief, Dr. T Kommal shared that: “The publication presents content that fuses lifestyle, culture, and fashion with a topping of bridal beauty.

This Indian lifestyle and fashion publication aims to confirm that although the lives led by Indians in this period are dynamic and very cosmopolitan; they are still culture-conscious and value- driven. SUTRA intends to prove, not only to the country, but also the international market that although Bollywood plays a major role in Indian culture, there is more to Indian people than just Bollywood.

SUTRA caters for the discerning reader who wants exclusive content that is of a high standard of quality. For too long has the Indian community been forced to buy imported publications when looking for a high-end publication.

Now they have available to them a publication that is relevant to Indian people in South Africa, developed by Indians for Indians, and catering for their unique South African culture. SUTRA MAGAZINE is a reference for the local and international arena for goods that are exclusively sourced for SUTRA’S collection of the highest quality products available internationally

The magazine serves as a medium for further development of the brand known as SUTRA, which is registered as a business entity in three continents with offices in Cape Town, Mumbai and London.

In this season’s edition, readers can look forward to; Gavin Rajah the concept of this international Fashion Guru; Marriage across the colour line learn what this means to those that have done just this; Your Wedding SUTRA scrutinizes your big day; Love Online your thoughts on internet dating; SUTRA on Hair and Beauty; Restaurant Reviews; Festive Feelings SUTRA celebrates at Eid and Diwali; Honeymoon Hotspots SUTRA takes you on a journey to exquisite honeymoon destinations.

This promising must-read is sure to set new standards in the industry; and with watchful eyes, we look forward to SUTRA’S inevitable development into an internationally renowned brand.”

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