Uses Of Plastic Cards

Carey Leyton asked:

Plastic cards have been around for a very long time. However, their applications have grown beyond anyone’s imagination. Originally, thin plastic cards were used to print high-end business cards. These cards were undoubtedly more expensive but provided a high catching look along with a unique feel. This is where the plastic card revolution began. Modern day plastic cards are of many different types and have different applications:

Simple Identification: Simple identification cards typically have a photographic ID alongside some relevant details. A supervisor or some security personnel must inspect these cards at the points of entry/exit in order to make sure that the cards are being used by the right individuals. These cards can be used in office settings, gyms, cafeterias, etc.

Barcode/Machine Identification: Barcode cards have a magnetic barcode that is typically imbedded into the back of the card and can be used to transmit data that is either validated or rejected by an electronic scanning device. These cards can be used in high-security situations and or spaces where a human security office cannot always be present.

Smart Cards: Smart cards have an embedded chip that allows for the two way transfer of information between the card and an external device. These cards can be used in high-security situations where specific personal data needs to be logged.

Contactless Smart Cards: Contactless smart cards can transfer and receive information without necessarily having to make contact with an external device or information reader. These cards can be used in high volume situations such as transport situations or large cafeterias.

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