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Carey Leyton asked:

As the world grows smaller and smaller in terms of our ability to travel, we often find ourselves in many different situations where we are not recognised. This sort of situation never occurred in the past because most people would stay confined to one geographical location for both social as well as professional purposes. In this scenario, everyone would know each other and most faces would be familiar ones. However, in the world we live in today, we are often required to traverse great distances and enter situations where we are unknown. Hence, having the appropriate form of valid identification is an altogether crucial aspect; one might go so far as to suggest that it is one of the factors that holds our social fabric together.

When you are travelling across national borders, you will need a government issued passport. However, for many other interactions, you will need a form of identification that is issued by the private organisations that you are affiliated with.

Examples of situations where you may need identification include but are not limited to:

Office branches – be they local, national, or international Private Clubs Cafeterias Libraries Gyms

These situations are where the plastic card revolution has changed the world we live in. The plastic identification card is the very tool that has allowed us to create appropriate security measures and maintain control over the spaces that we occupy. This is where Practical Peripherals Corporation, or PPC, comes into the picture. PPC is the first name in Australian plastic card supplies and services. PPC stocks all the leading brands of high-quality plastic card printers as well as all imaginable plastic card related accessories. To learn more about our products and services, please visit out online web-site *** store at:

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