Ordering Normal Plastic Cards

Geraldine Baylor asked:

Normal plastic cards are simply plastic cards that are around the size of a normal credit card, that is 85mm x 54mm. These cards have a wide variety of applications and there is a good chance that you have used them at some point in time.

Normal plastic cards are used as loyalty cards, gift cards, membership cards, business cards, information cards, debit cards, and VIP cards, amongst others. These cards have a constant width and length, but can be customised in many other areas. These cards can have specific branding, information, photographs, and so on and so forth. Additionally, the colour schemes of these cards can be completely modified as per the needs of individual clients. Also, normal plastic cards are available in a range of different thickness levels. These thickness level options are 380 microns, 500 microns, and 750 microns. For the lay person, a normal plastic card that is 380 microns thick is as thick as a regular business card. A normal plastic card that is 500 microns thick is thicker than a business card and thinner than a credit card. A normal plastic card that is 750 microns thick is as thick as a credit card.

Red E Card is an Australian plastic card manufacturing company with offices in Melbourne and Sydney. Red E Card ships orders all over Australia and is one of leading plastic card manufacturers in the country. If you or your organisation has a need for normal plastic cards, please visit the company web-site at www.redecard.com.au

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