Plastic Loyalty Cards: the Loyal Plastic Card

Geoff Caplan asked:

Plastic cards. They are not new. But what is interesting is that companies are increasingly seeking new and innovative ways to utilize plastic loyalty cards for a long lasting branding impression, in addition to specific messaging.

Retailers use this concept well. They know that providing an offer on a plastic card instills loyalty, card retention, brand re-identification and a “top of mind”: awareness that is powerful and unique. After all, these plastic cards, especially when wallet-sized, can be truly thought of as “wallet sized wonders.” They are durable, memorable and kept for a long time.

The power and flexibility of loyalty cards is as adaptable as the customer wishes it to be. These cards lend themselves to a wide variety of business situations that is quite impressive.

Plastic cards provide marketers with a tremendous array of options. It is now possible to wave a wristwatch and have your car all gassed up. You can flip a keychain and quickly pick up that latest bag of fast food. Flash your plastic when entering the gym your next month’s fee is paid.

The loyalty engendering aspects of plastic cards are especially interesting. Marketers know that value-based offers embedded within plastic cards promote a high branding awareness while encouraging additional, ongoing business.

Credit card issuers are especially skilled at exploring new and innovative methods of enabling plastic cards to promote loyalty and more frequent use. There is a definite appeal to offering fast transactions for mobile, time sensitive, on the go consumers. When you add to that the capacity for incentives based on repeat visits, value-based incentives and the loyal patronage that results, the card issuer has a winning and powerful marketing tool.

Credit card customer churn is forcing card companies to intensify their efforts with customer loyalty. Nearly every adult American has at least one credit card. Meanwhile, issuers are hoping that the availablility of new and innovative ways to use these cards will promote usage and brand loyalty. As plastic loyalty cards continue to evolve, consumers might discover that the familiar wallet-sized shape is changing. The basic purpose and functionality of these cards, however, will always remain the same.

Many leading plastic card manufacturers have excellent capabilities to produce and customized all types of plastic loyalty cards. Visual Products Inc. for example, is a direct-to-the-industry manufacturer that also has its products available for purchase by businesses and consumers.

For additional information, contact John DiDonato. John is President of The Plastic Card Factory, a leading manufacturer and distributor of plastic business cards and related products in Lake Worth, Florida. He can be contacted via the company’s website,, or by calling 1-866-539-7231.

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