What Makes an Effective Envelope?

Kate asked:

The purpose of any good envelope is to get opened. If no one is bothering to open up your envelopes than why bother even sending them?

A lot of envelope printing is aimed at letters meant for direct mailing campaigns, and that means you’re sending them to people who aren’t always going to care initially about what your letter has to say. You have to convince them with the front of your envelope that you have something worthwhile for them inside.

The better your envelope the greater the odds are of them actually opening it up to read more, so what exactly is going to get a person to do that?

I wish I could give you a single system to follow to make sure that your envelopes always get opened, but I think we all know such a thing doesn’t exist. I can give tips to make your envelopes that much more effective, and ensure that people will at least give it a strong stare before they either open it up or throw it away.

The first has to do with the way your envelope is presented. Professional should be the name of the game here. The more your envelope looks like junk mail the more likely people will be to consider it as such, and so they’ll just throw it in the trash. You have to keep your wording just subdued enough so that it doesn’t scream at them, yet you still want them to notice it.

This is why simple message across the front of the envelope is a good way of drawing attention. Don’t use massive lettering, but be sure that the letters are noticeable enough to make a person read them.

This message needs to sum up what they’re going to find inside, and it needs to do it in a way that will encourage them to want to read more. Find a way to connect this with their lives. You have to let them know that you know who they are and you can provide them with some form of help that no other company is able to.

You also want to make sure that your company name and logo are on the front of your envelope. This isn’t going to be anything massive, but still something that will let them see who you are in a clear manner. I would suggest you be sure to have your logo be colorful as well. Colors are always going to draw the eye more, and this will help make sure they read through what your introduction is.

If all goes well your envelope printing will not have gone to waste, and people will take the time to read more. Hitting that right note with your first sentence isn’t always easy, but if you can pull it off, you can greatly increase your odds of pulling them in.

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