Get Your Own Letterhead Set Through Online Envelope Printing

Zoe Phoenix asked:

Since business letters carry your company’s name on it, it actually becomes an extension of your advertising means.  As you know, branding is of utmost importance in the marketing realm so even the tiniest details should contribute to this, or at least not play down the company image you have been building up.  Imagine your company to be well-publicized but sending out professional letters using a not quite comparable letterhead and plain envelopes.  That hardly creates a positive impression; especially when letters from other companies, carefully designed and printed, evoke such a reaction.  To get in the same league, you can also purchase your very own stationery set from online letterhead and online printing companies.  

Perfect combination

Some printing companies actually offer both, giving you a complete set of letterhead stationeries with matching envelopes.    While full-color letterheads are common, it is just relatively recent that more companies are embracing full-color envelopes to go with each sheet.  Many printing clients now venture into this too, unlike the conventional one-color prints that usually came in black.  

Nowadays, you can have your logo printed on your envelopes using its actual colors.  Aside from the logo and your company address, you can add graphics, and more colors that span the envelope’s back panel from edge to edge and top to bottom.

Need envelopes now?

One of the main advantages of having an online envelope printing company bookmarked on your browser is the convenience of ordering and paying over the net.  Such companies design fast ordering processes and easy payment systems so you can complete the transactions within a few clicks on the mouse.

The quick ordering system usually comes with a section on specifying specs.  Commercial no.10 envelopes, the common business letterhead carrier, are pretty standard in the printing industry.  They measure 4.125” x 9.5”.  If you are currently working on a design or would like to get one soon, make sure that you follow the guidelines below so you can have a trouble-free printing project:

1.    All texts and images, including logos and graphics, should be inside the safe zone.  This area starts is about 0.375” away from each side of your envelopes extending to the center.   

2.    If your envelopes come with windows, the same guidelines apply but make sure that the texts and images are also at least 0.375” away from the area of the window.  This will give enough space to avoid print problems.   

The steps above apply to both one-color and full-color bleeds.  However, there’s an additional instruction for edge to edge envelope printing.  The background color or design that you want to extend from one end to the next should be 0.040” or 1 millimeter more on all sides so that there would be a small excess to cover the thin fold along the edges, but not enough to bleed to the front panel of the envelope.

It’s never too late to get a corresponding pair to your letterheads.  Just work on the design you used for the stationery.  Or if you need a fresh set, you can easily order from an online letterhead or online envelope printing company.  You can limit it to a few hundred copies, or order a thousand or more to save through wholesale print deals.

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