Direct Mail Tips To Get Your Envelopes Opened

Robert Johnston asked:

There’s more to designing your direct mail than a great layout and enticing content. No matter who designed your ad for you, it all boils down to one thing – if it gets opened and read. And it all depends on the envelope printing that came with it.

That’s right. Even before your target clients can see and read your direct mail, they have to open your envelopes first. There’s nothing more unappealing to your target readers than to have in their hands envelope printing that just doesn’t pique their interest. It’s just the fastest way for your print ad to go right into the trash.

Let’s face it. Many of us open our mail in front or near a garbage bin – the faster to chuck it right in. And most often, we can spot an unwanted piece a mile away.

So how do you design your direct mail so it won’t see the insides of a trash can that often?

It all starts in the envelope. Direct mail usually is accompanied by envelope printing. Even before you can get your target readers to be interested in what you have to say, you need to appeal to them with your direct mail envelope.

1- If you don’t want your clients to treat your direct mail like junk, then don’t print envelopes that look like junk mail. Quid pro quo.

2- Don’t use mailing labels. It only adds to your envelopes looking a lot like junk mail.

3- If you must use labels, make sure you use color labels then.

4- Do post your direct mail as first class. And print the word “first class” in several places in your envelope to make it look official and impressive.

5- Include a return address; but do not use a rubber stamp to print it on your envelope. Ask your print shop instead to include your return address while printing your custom envelopes.

6- Invest in commemorative stamps. They are more attractive than the regular ones. And if you want to use the standard stamps, try to put 5 to 6 pieces in one envelope to make it look special.

7- Consider using an envelope of a different size. Instead of the standard ones, why not use 6 ½ x 9 ½ inches, or 9 x 12 inches for your envelopes. This would definitely make your target clients curious of what’s inside the big envelope.

8- Invest in colored envelopes rather than the usual white.

The objective of your direct mail is to have your business seen and remembered by your target clients. When you have quality and attractive envelope printing, you’re more than likely to have a greater chance of getting your prospects interested – enough for them to open your envelopes, read what’s inside, and open doors for follow up.

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